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Driver's phone penalties

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AB Asks | 10:34 Wed 28th Feb 2007 | News
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There are now tougher penalties for drivers caught using hand-held mobile phones. The offending drivers will now not only pay a fixed penalty of �60, but they will also have three points added to their licence instantly. It is hoped that the changes to the penalties will make drivers stop using hand-held phones altogether and aid road safety. What do you think of the new law? Will it stop you from using your phone whilst driving? Do you think it will make the roads safer?


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People who believe that the law banning the use of mibile phones whilst driving will work are living in cloud cuckoo land. On motorways this law will be so flouted as to be unusable at the same time as increasing the number of road deaths.
What are the options then
1. Increase the penalties.
2. Wait for the next exit on the motorway (up to 20 mins)
3. Ban their use altogether in vehicles.
4. Pull onto the hard shoulder so that the call can be answered (allow 1 min max for this)
5. do nothing.

Of course it would be no 4.:
I apologise in advance for the typos -I was distracted by the TV -just shows you tho - lol
I have been out in the car tolday for the first time since the new law came in and I have seen at least 4 people using their phones whilst driving. Do these people think that they are above the law, or does this law not apply to them?
kathyan - how many drivers did you see speeding? bet it was more than 4
As everyone has said their are far worse distractions than talking on the phone. I never thought about it before but the worst distraction has to be noisy kids. When they ban kids from the car then I may consider this law fair lol

Can I point out that loads of people crash and get killed on the road every year where mobile phones are not involved - As soon as 1 person is killed where a mobile phone is involved then you get all the do gooders claiming it was because of the movile phone - Has nobody considered that they would have been killed anyway had the mobile not been involved???
where i live, in the case of a motor vehicle accident and it can be proven with the phone record. if one of the driver's was on their cell phone, they are deemed at fault.
If you have been nearly killed by a SKIP driver taking a roundabout one-handed, with a mobile clutched under his chin, or had a white van pass within an inch of your pedal foot - as I have - you will have very strong feelings. The penalties are nowhere stiff enough. I make a point on my cycle ride to work (4 miles) of counting the offenders. Never less than two, and often as many as eight. The offence will never be stopped, it's as futile as trying to prevent speeding, but the penalties if caught should be draconian, and if involved in an accident while on the phone, chuck in chokey for 5 years.
Sounds like you want to enforce penalties for near misses now lol

What you call near misses to others would be considered nowhere near/good driving
up4it please explain how you think the people would have still been killed even if a mobile wasnt involved??
Quite easy ...

If someone does something dangerous, loses control and kills someone whether they are on the phone or not is immaterial. If they had not been on the phone they may have been driving the same way still lost control and killed someone.

The fact that someone is on the phone does not make the difference between killing someone or not.

It may be a contributing factor (distraction) but a far less distraction than having noisy kids in the car - Ban kids from cars I say lol

If following others logic that deaths in this way happen only because someone is on the phone then surely after the introduction of this law and everyone follows it, there should NEVER be any deaths again on the road EVER (not quite but I hope you see my point, although I somehow doubt it lol)
No, honest-joe, the correct answer would be No.2.

Hav you any idea how dangerous allowing people to stop whenever they feel like it on a hard shoulder is?

Do you not understand how dangerous the hard shoulder actually is?

It is more dangerous that driving while on the phone!!
Far more people have been injured stopped on the hard shoulder that have by using their phone - it is even in the highway code that you must get out the car and as far away as possible for safety!!

How would you propose to ensure people one have "1minute max" ??
you can't, can you...!

If people can't wait 20 minutes until the next exit, and are unable to ignore a ringing phone, and their call is so urgent, like i said - GET A HANDS FREE KIT!!
lawrence 2
hhmmmm, you are obviously yet another example of a keyboard tough guy-

you sound like a complete j@ckass pal.
oh by the way-

your -means your
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I suggest a dictionary sir ? or an evening course in english ? do home learning.

But tell them you need to start from primary school level.
a for apple, b for ball,
should be about right for you.

up4it, what a load of tosh, if they didnt have a phone glued to their ear they would more than likely be paying attention to the road

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Driver's phone penalties

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