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British troops beat up Iraqi's

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Lonnie | 12:02 Wed 28th Feb 2007 | News
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This was sent to me via email from an old friend, also ex Army, those are his words at the bottom,

I'd like your views on this please?.

British v Iraqis

After watching this, I can honestly say, I am ashamed to be British.



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I know this is going to be controversial, but I think the footage doesn't start early enough to make an informed decision on why the British (if they are British) were doing what they were doing. If they just went into the street and selected a couple of poor random chaps then start hitting them, then I would be horrified. But I think there may be more to it than that.

I also don't think the Iraqi's were getting a proper pasting (again, controversial I know) - I've seen much worse, again leading me to think that maybe they were causing a danger and were being restrained.

I'm sure lots of people will disagree with me, but that's my opinion on it.
Our boys in Iraq on their peacekeeping duties - I'm sure Blair must be very proud with how we are helping bring law and order to these poor Iraqi people .... NOT!
British troops beat up Iraqi's what?
If you were able to see the preceeding five minutes you would probably see the Iraqis throwing stones at the troops. The troops are seemingly in riot gear so something was obviously going on. If they were throwing stones then I say they got what they deserved. They will certainly think twice about doing it again.

Only a shame that our police don't take the same attitude when faced with mobs of youths on some of our estates.
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I noticed the riot gear, and so far, have kept an open mind on it, which is why I haven't as yet, voiced an opinion.

Just to put it into perspective, I served three tours in Northern Ireland, 1969, and two in the 70s, and the same thing went on there, if it was known that someone belonged to the IRA, and was instumental in in killing/wounding a British soldier, or other felonies, but had no proof, we had a thing called Beastings.
Difference between now and then, was no cctv or camera phones.
i hope no one is defending the sic pup giving us his commentary?
Supposing it was your son, brother, friend etc. that got viciously beaten up. What effect would that have? The answer is that it would make you want to get back at British soldiers somehow perhaps creating more suicide bombers.

That video clip has been replaying in my mind since yesterday and it sickens me. Why hasn't it appeared on the news and why isn't it being investigated?

Also, it's probably safe to say that that sort of thing is going on all the time but only rarely gets filmed.
DavidUK if you are old enough to be allowed to watch such footage on the news, It was shown over and over again, months ago. And although it was stated at the time that prior to the beatings taking part, these troops had been in a riot situation, with rocks and petrol bombs being hurled at them, and had also seen some of their comrades horrifically injured by these individules. I think you will find that the incident was investigated and action taken on these soldiers.

I would just love to see all you potential terroist lovers sent there and be forced to put up with what our poor lads out there are experiencing. Why some of you cannot drink a couple of pints of beer before you want to kick heads in.
I wonder why this has been posted. Hardly news, widely broadcast at the time , and the link is 13 months old.
Question Author
It was posted, because i'd decided to, for reasons of my own, simple as that.

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British troops beat up Iraqi's

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