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Driver's phone penalties

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AB Asks | 10:34 Wed 28th Feb 2007 | News
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There are now tougher penalties for drivers caught using hand-held mobile phones. The offending drivers will now not only pay a fixed penalty of �60, but they will also have three points added to their licence instantly. It is hoped that the changes to the penalties will make drivers stop using hand-held phones altogether and aid road safety. What do you think of the new law? Will it stop you from using your phone whilst driving? Do you think it will make the roads safer?


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Personally, I think it is impossible to be "IN CONTROL AT ALL TIMES" unless you are a robot.

People are human and therefore make mistakes.

To think otherwise is foolish.
1st Idont agree with the use of moblies while driving but is it any more dangerous than typing post codes into a sat nav
Robots are prone to mal-function, i know as human beings its nigh on possible to not make a mistake, but it is possible not to use your Mobile. Or not to have a Cig. Or not to Eat. These are a blatant disreguard for Safety, Anyone can see that unless you are ''FOOLISH''.
Impossible might be a better word
kwicky, i cant believe what you wrote, the hard shoulder is for emergencies, if everybody who was using a mobile phone pulled onto tHE hard shoulder it would be like a parking lot, get real.
Gina 32 I was a professional driver for 10 years covering 100,000 miles a year. I've seen my share of prats and am aware what causes most accidents. If you bring in a new law banning mobile use whilst driving you try to think of a workable solution otherwise the law will get flouted. People pull onto the hard shoulder for various things including relieving yourself in an emergency. You just have to use a bit of common sense!
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I have to comment about the 'control' aspect when using a mobile and driving - it does not actually equate directly with other occupations - changing radio channels, eating, and so on.

I used to answer a customer phone line in my job, and was provided with a 'hands free' to enable me to continue talking while moving between computers, chacking files and so on. Frequently, when concentrating on my conversation, and moving around the office, I bumped into furniture, and occasionally colleagues - my spatial awareness simply deserted me - which is whathappens when driving and talking on a phone.

That's why it is dangerous to drive and talk on a mobile.

It remians to be seen if the law works.
Oneeyedvic, I agree it impossible to be in control at all times, but we still drive better than any robot could. I think it is amazing that with all these bad drivers on the road, there are not more accidents than there are. That is just a testiment to what a great computer we have on our shoulders. No other computer can react to the all the different stimulii as quickly as we do while driving. The human brain is a very cool thing!
You can never be in control all of the time. I regularly drive with one hand on the steering wheel around town. The other hand is changing gear. I also take my eyes of the road regularly to look in my rear view mirror and to look at my speedometer to ensure I''m not speeding.

Interestingly, all these people on here saying 'i saw so and so on their mobile phones as i was driving here and there' Are your eyes not on the road ahead? Maybe a similiar penalty should be introduced for those people. The busybody law 2007.
kwicky regardless of being a driver for ex amount of years your idea is still pathetic, if your idea was allowed people would be making all sorts of excuses as to why they should stop on the hard shoulder and answer/ make a call on thier mobile, thus causing all sorts of problems
I use a bluetooth - they're legal, cheap, simple and perfectly safe
The usual Driver response to a fine is-''Another Tax on the Motorist.''
up4it999-what about the human rights of the person that you could hit whilst having your morning shave because you couldnt get your lazy arse out of bed earlier!!
given the cheapness and availability of hands free gadgets i can't see why anyone would not just get one.
i expect car makers will start installing them in the dashboard soon.
until then, they cost about �3-5, so theres no excuse.

and as for allowing people to stop on the hard shoulder to answer a call...thats just asking for trouble!!
what a silly suggestion!

you would have people stopping for hours and making all sorts of calls, especially travelling salemen types.
and how exactly would you define 'in an emergency'?
to some people missing eastenders is an emergency - should they be allowed to stop and ask their partner to video it for them...?

the hard shoulder is a very dangerous place, not just an extra lane.
you are told that if you break down - get out of the car immediately and get onto the verge.
I think a worse problem than mobile phones are women putting on makeup. I have many near misses because of this!
I saw a woman the other day when I was driving on the M5 putting her makeup on , I couldn't believe it I was so shocked I Nealy dropped my razor in my coffee cup
When first introduced wasn't they called CAR PHONES, and will the Car Phones Warehouse be forced to change it's name.

Although I don't condone the use of mobiles while driving, I think it is just another Goverment quick responses because there have been a few fatalities that have happened whilst the driver has been on the phone. But then by the law of averages there was always going to be.

But then there has been thousand upon thousands of motoring fatailities that have been caused by hundreds of other reasons. I wonder if there has been any caused by drivers (who don't want to break the speed limit), driving with their eyes on their speedometer?

At one stage they were going to ban those large rear amplifiers from cars, but that didn't happen I wonder why?
I know its all been said and Im not adding anything to this discussion but I just had to say;

I absolutely agree with everyone who had brought up the subject of lighting fas,eating changing CDs or radio station and of course ansewring phones.
I always ignore the phone until such time as its convenient for me to get back to the caller.
I have seen my husband rolling a fag and guiding the sreering whell with his elbows and he will not be alone.Needless to say he doesnt get away with it if Im in the car but he'll do it when Im not there.

There should be a blanket ban/punishment for you for anything at all which you allow to detract you from driving safely.

If kids are screeching in the back ignore them or pull over and deal with the sitiuation.

I have been guilty of all the above -Im not proud - but thankfully with age common sense comes as well - lol

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Driver's phone penalties

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