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Sunak To Get Tough.

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gulliver1 | 09:14 Fri 21st Jun 2024 | News
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Young people who refuse to do National service will have their driving licence taken from them and also be denied access to Student loans.And also close their bank accounts.    Big deal ...I wonder how many 18 year olds have any of the Three.?



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What would have happened during WW2 If an 18 year old had refused NS/.....?

I find the awful use of full stops and capital letters very distracting. You may find this useful,make%20sense%20on%20their%20own.

For those educated under a Labour government:


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Sunak says he will introduce a pilot scheme for NS in 2025.  Where teenagers can enrol for 12 months or one weekend  each month doing volunteering work for their community. Big problem here is Sunak will be in California and all his Tory MP Cronies will be on job seekers allowance.

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Nma and Stapleford. Can you please refrain from posting stupid schoolboy answers on my threads. It is not my fault that your team is going to lose . It is the wish of the majority of the British Public who are saying   "Lets get the Tories Done"       ......Well and Truly.

Feel free to provide a link to these revelations .

Lacking in details somewhat ...

He's obviously not decided. Not dotted any Is or crossed any Ts. Thinking on his feet he's simply said he'll check what other nations do.


Fair enough, he'll conclude, if he hasn't already, that none will be acceptable nor workable in peacetime.


But as he has as good as zero chance of being in charge come the moment, he may have to rely of Starmer rounding folk up and packing them off as his contribution to the EU controlled military.

What the actual?

It'll be nothing to do with him shortly.

(No offence Rishi)

The majority of 18 year olds have a bank account, a lot of uni students will have student loans and 18 year olds are still passing their driving tests.

It's just words, not a policy. A dog whistle for the Tories' older demographic who think that the young have it all too easy and need some more discipline.

Sunak's now in the position of saying anything he wants because he knows he can't win.

A position normally held by the libdems.

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Sunak To Get Tough.

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