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Labour Pledges To Reinstate 2030 Ban On New Petrol And Diesel Cars

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naomi24 | 09:38 Mon 17th Jun 2024 | News
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TBH I think the car makers are heading that way anyway. Lecky jam jars are what they are pushing now. In 6 years time they'll probably have stopped making them anyway.

I think the problem that looms large is the lack of infrastructure to support electric vehicles. Especially power generation. We can only just cope with the ad break in Corrie. What's it going to be like when millions are plugging in to charge?

What will happen is the time will approach and not enough will have been done so an extension will be announced but by that time 'supply issues' will have been created so driving up prices giving manufacturers a bumper time for a while.

Meanwhile ordinary folk will go about their business, ignoring the imbecility of politicians in pandering to the electric car nonsense and hoping for a far too late surge in hydrogen development.

Without proper charging facilities, which we don't have now, never mind when the 'revolution' comes, this whole idea is a nonsense.

As usual, ministers who get driven around in chauffer-driven limos have no idea how you are supposed to charge your car when you live in a flat or a terraced house, with no access to a charging point.

i dont understand why they cant make the batteries universal and you pull into a fuel station, swap your empty battery for a full one and drive off

That will be fun.  Let's see how Labour do implementing the infrastructure for the entire country for electric vehicles.  Perhaps they will follow the lead from Sadiq Khan and start slamming every motorist (ie white van man) with ULEZ-style roll-outs.  Good old greenwash.

That's because the batteries are the size of the vehicle, very heavy and extremely dangerous.

10:00, would you swap your expensive brand new battery from your new jam jar for a manky used one with unknown performance? Think it through.

10:01, we'll have extension cords running out of first floor windows across the pavements! 🤣

10:00, also most of them have the floor as the battery, not practical.


When batteries are AA size, and last a year, people will embrace them. 

This is a system in development, and to try and pretend it is fit for purpose now, or will be in six years, is politicians' fantasies at work again.

That's a real vote loser, an absolute bummer. Maybe the Tories should take heart after all. 

If I've just paid 50k for a Tesla, I'm not going to swap my new £20k battery for gawd know what state of "new" one.

AH at 9.58am.


I've often thought this! With this drive to electric, how will people in a 10th floor flat charge their cars?


I will be dragged kicking and screaming into an EV and IF there's a ban on new ICE cars from 2030 (there won't be), then I'll be buying a new petrol car just before the ban.


I've got a couple of mates who were fairly early adopters of EVs, and both of them have reverted to ICE cars due to the woeful infrastructure and the poor re-sale value. I accept battery technology will improve, but at the moment who in their right mind would buy, say, a 5 year old EV on its orginal battery pack.

First thing Labour will do is ban all forms of gas guzzling pollution spreading Jaguar Cars. From day one .So if any abers own one ....Get Rid Now.....

My RAV4 has done 100k miles in 13 years. I expect it to cover up to 200k which on current usage will take another 20 years. I'm prepared to spend a few thou £ on it for repairs etc. to make sure it does.

(provided diesel fuel is still available & affordable)

leccy - no ta.

10:38...I think I'll still be driving my massive supercharged V8 Jaaaag for some time yet! I'm having it converted to suck small bunny rabbits of the verges as I go by!

11.14 Make sure those small bunny rabbits waiting to get sucked up are Brexit supporters. Sucked up good and proper ........Just like you were....😎

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Labour Pledges To Reinstate 2030 Ban On New Petrol And Diesel Cars

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