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Trump – The Verdict Is In

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Hymie | 21:53 Thu 30th May 2024 | News
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My bet is guilty



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Christ does anyone know

does the White House burn?

Question Author

Watching CNN now......

Question Author

There are 34 charges to go through, so it may take some time to formally announce the verdict(s).

I'd reluctantly bet on a hung jury.  It only takes one Republican to block justice.

Guilty on all 34 charges

Question Author

Trump - guilty on all 34 charges.


Would it be ungentlemanly to start chanting: 'Lock him up!'?

The jury didn't have to think too long about it.

The civilised world breathes a massive sigh of relief. For now...

Question Author

Given the gravity of these crimes, and Trump expressing his contempt for the legal process and attacking the judge immediately after the trial – come sentencing, the judge will have no option but to impose a prison sentence (IMHO).

He can still serve from chokey. And his idiot army will probably still vote for him.

It's odd that he could serve as President in gaol but couldn't vote for himself.

Is the Republican Party really going to put a convicted felon on the Presidential ticket? It would appear so ... and, if that's the case, shame on them. Especially given what the convictions were for ...

Ah, he's not just "innocent" he's, " very  innocent"... 

the more he suffers the more popular he gets!

So what happens now? Jail? Massive fines? 


As per the NY Times if he is jailed he has to have Secret Service protection as he is an ex president. The possibility of opening a closed section of a prison has supposedly been discussed! 

That's fine, but he should have been an independent, like a Ross Perot-type person - especially now. The "Grand Old Party" should not put a convicted felon on their ticket. Trump will be dead within around 20 years, but a decision for the GOP to allow him to run as their candidate will be a problem for them forever more.

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Trump – The Verdict Is In

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