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Labour Extends Lead Over Tories.

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gulliver1 | 08:49 Wed 29th May 2024 | News
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.......🎵 Things can only get Better,Better Better.🎵........... In an exlusive poll for Sky news by YouGove. Labour has leapt ahead of the Tories on 47% of the vote and Tories hobbling behind on 20% . ☂🌨.



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This shock poll for the Tories shows they have not had the bounce that Rishi expected from his surprise decision to go to the Country on july 4th. That he was expecting.  

    ✈Looks like he will be going to California instead🚲

That's good news then. Means many potential Labour voters know their vote isn't vital, and can consider better alternative candidates with a clear conscience.

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Reform seem to be creeping up the Charts. A vote for reform is a vote for Labour says Sunak. On yer 🚲 Tories.

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Labour has the lead over Tories in all parts of Britain among men and women. And a great proportion of 18 year olds have now said they are going to  the polling stations for the first time to vote Labour in fear of the Tories introducing National Service. .☹

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I see there is a Tory desperate defensive article written in the Telegraph Saying theTories are narrowing the Gap Probably Written by Boris johnson on behalf of Rishi Sunak no doubt🤣.

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So Rishi now admits he has been around to Boris's for tea and talks..Now he really is scraping the very dregs out of the bottom of the barrel...

.....These must be Desperate times for Sunak.

// 🎵 Things can only get Better,Better Better.🎵//

Pete Cunnah, who wrote the song and was the driving force behind D-Ream (Brian Cox having left the band before then), later said he much regretted allowing Labour to use the song.

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13.14 I Prefer "*We've got the blues on the run*" From roll out the Barrel.

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Breaking news... Support for Labour at the General Election on july 4th has just risen by one more point Placing them at 48% of the vote . Wow .

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Labour Extends Lead Over Tories.

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