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Labour's Lead Evaporating.....

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ToraToraTora | 09:09 Wed 29th May 2024 | News
35 Answers

Down from 27 points to just 12. The fat lady hasn't sung yet. 🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵😁




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erm the telegraph is little more than the mouthpiece of the conservative party. they are in "campaign mode" lol.

Question Author

...but you believe gulliver's quotes from the daily mirror etc, right oh!

didn't say that did i tora

you need to brush up on your reading comprehension

Well this is Labour's election to lose- and anyone who tells the country they've changed as a party when demonstrating the opposite takes the voters for fools.

Dont upset the Commies TTT.

Personally I'd take any poll with a pinch of salt though but having said that SKS really hasnt come out fighting has he?

And add to that the problems from the GOAS and now Abacus and a list of business supporters who turn out to be anything but, well.....

Some might wonder why you commented on/ rubbished the Telegraph one but not the Mirror one, untitled?

i didn't comment on the other thread at all because i didn't see the point. is that allowed? or must i immediately rush to post tit-for-tat responses to everything in order to please you?

Is it tit-fot-tat or "balance"?!

what exactly are you complaining about? that I didn't post on gulliver's thread?

Question Author

YMB: "Personally I'd take any poll with a pinch of salt" - me too. I think most can see I was merely demonstrating that we can all find a poll that reflects our bias. The mods/Ed here have made it clear that Gulliver's repeat fantasy posts are allowed so I thought I'd join in.

Sounds reasonable to me TTT.

And you hooked one in right away into the bargain.🤣

Question Author

Not surprised I reeled in a communist. They are the masters of selective polling.

Your claim, "Down from 27 points to just 12." is false.

If you're going to use the data from a particular polling company, you need to compare that with data from the same company in previous polls.

As the article shows,

"The lead has dropped from 15 points in early May and 18 points in April, JL Partners for The Rest is Politics has revealed."


Hahahaha ^^^^

Question Author

10:08, yes some seem to be obvlivious. I used Gulliver's figure as the top end deliberately to emphasise what I was doing.

-- answer removed --

Enjoy your phishing.

if you are doing exactly the same as gulliver, what makes you think anyone will take your moaning seriously?

i do find it endearing that you fail to see all the things that annoy you about other posters, annoy other posters about you!

As experience shows, poll stats are a notoriously reliable indicator of an election result.

The sensible option is to ignore all of them, and wait and see what happens on the day.

That should be UNreliable, if preditcitve text could leave my posts alone!!

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Labour's Lead Evaporating.....

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