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Does Anybody Know Sir Beer Kneel-A-Lots Policies?

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Deskdiary | 00:48 Sun 26th May 2024 | News
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This is a genuine question, because I don't have a clue - I don't think he does either.


I don't have a dog in the fight because I've said before I won't be voting (they're all as bad as each other), but I'm intrigued what he stands for.


He flip-flops and changes his mind more often than I change my underpants  (one minute women do have penises, and the next they don't), so I'm genuinely intrigued.



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he hasn't announced them yet, since the Sunak Surprise, so just be patient. Spend more time worrying about penises - I notice you've posted on this at least twice already, and I can see it's important to you.

I see one of their plans is to set up Great British Energy.

"Headquartered in Scotland, Great British Energy will ensure jobs and supply chains are built here in the UK, developing our clean energy industries."

"Great Britain" excludes Ulster so why is it talking about the UK, which does include Ulster?

During elections these days I don't think any politician actually says much, they just repeat the lines their spin doctors teach them.

Labour's election song perhaps...


JNO 01.38 Have to agree. Deskdiary does seem to know a lot about penise's . Wonder what his interest is ? mmm!

Labours NHS from Chris's link


Deliver two million more NHS appointments a year

How we’ll do it: Labour’s policy to increase the numbers of NHS appointments will see NHS staff paid extra to work evenings and weekends in order to tackle the backlog. We will also use spare capacity in private healthcare providers to clear the NHS backlog, free at the point of use, as well as recruiting 8,500 new NHS mental health staff.

\\Under the Tories, the NHS waiting list has increased by 204%, and drastic action needs to be taken to get patients seen and receiving the care they need.//

It increased under a thing called covid19 because no one was being treated.


\\Set up Great British Energy, a new publicly owned British energy company //

In Bristol we had Bristol energy, it was a massive failure, this was run buy a Labour government.

\\Closing private education tax loopholes to improve schools//

How many Labour MPs use private schools.



End hotel use for asylum seekers

How we’ll do it: Rishi Sunak promised to end asylum hotel use but instead the number has hit a record high, costing the British taxpayer an eye-watering £8 million a day.//

It would be easier if Labour backed the tories on the Rwanda deal


Paid extra to work week ends, I already get this, its called overtime.

Where will these 8,500 staff come from?


Greater support for victims of violence against women 

How we’ll do it: Labour will create a requirement for a rape unit in every police force, specialists in every 999 control room, and fast track courts and legal advice for rape victims.//


Greater support, does this include the Female Muslim Labour MP who retweeted "those girls should kee their mouths shut for the sake of diversity"

\\Free breakfast clubs in every primary school in England//

Except its not free, Its only free to the recipent, it doesn't mean nobody pays.

Take back our streets

\\But that sense of security has slowly eroded over the past 14 years, with rising levels of violent crime, a knife crime epidemic devastating young lives, and shamefully and persistently high rates of violence against women and girls.

For violence against women and girls I give you the muslim grooming gangs and my other reply about Naz Shah.

Will the police be policing all dancing in rainbow colours and taking the knee.

this is what you can expect:

- Huge push toi the mad "net zero" BS.

- Uncheck immigration they'll just make it legal and claim to have sorted it

- Huge rise in union dogma and activity, the reds under the bed's reward for keeping schtumm

- Depletion of the forces

- Probably some sort of legalisation of drugs

- oh and of course massive direct tax rises to pay for the guano show.

- booted out in 2028 having reminded the country why real Labour have only ever had 3 leaders win an election and have been in power for 24 of their 124 years in existence.

the most substantial promise they have made is to create a state-owned energy company

not much else really... we'll see when the manifestos come out

Sir Beer Kneel-A-Lots 


Chrissake. From Question Time to Play School in one leap.


sp18.14 @ 12.14 Yes I have to agree with you a very childish headline to this thread .

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Does Anybody Know Sir Beer Kneel-A-Lots Policies?

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