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Should The Voting Age Lowered Or Rasied.....

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ToraToraTora | 13:01 Sat 25th May 2024 | News
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Sir Beer wants to lower it to 16, of course he does, it's well known that youngsters are left wing until they acquire assets. Personally I'd raise it to 21.



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"why should they be disenfranchised"


You can see the problem. Swamp a foreign nation with enough voters and you start the swing from your host's culture to the one you are familiar with and which you brought with you. It's a permanent risk to any host nation.

"so... if we absolutely must decide who can vote based on age then it really does not matter what age it is set at. it is arbitrary."


What abject nonsense. If it is arbitary, then should 14 year olds, or 12, or 10 be allowed to vote? If not, why not?

DD @ 23.28:

//I suppose another way to look at this, for those that think it's a good idea, would you be happy to send a 16 year old to die on a battlefield? If a 16 year old child is old enough to vote, then surely they must be old enough to die.//

Many 16 year olds died in action in WW2, particularly in the Royal Navy. One aircraft carrier, lost in June 1940, is reckoned to have had the youngest crew in the British Fleet with lots of 16 year olds lost with the ship.

Anyone that government can have a direct effect on in terms of taxation or other laws should have a say in the government.

Of course grumpy old wealthy people would like the vote to be limited to grumpy old wealthy people, but that wouldn't be democracy.

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Should The Voting Age Lowered Or Rasied.....

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