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ToraToraTora | 11:10 Thu 23rd May 2024 | News
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What party hold it now? Is that likely to change? How are you going to vote?

Mine is one of the safest Tory seats, unlikely to change hands, I'll vote Tory.



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Mine's Labour. It clearly won't change. I have lived and voted in four different constituences since I was 18 and only one of them was ever marginal (briefly) - the others always had Labour MPs so in the main my vote has not been worth the ballot paper it was written on

Tory / stay Tory. I won't vote.

Labour will win this GE, much against my wishes, and my MP (Con) will almost crtainly be returned, so I am going to vote Reform.  Lets see what happens next.

Question Author

why waste your vote paul?

The sitting Tory MP in the constituency where I live has a less than 3% majority – so with the help of my vote he is toast.

Even if your Tory MP has 10% or more majority, it is worth voting tactically, which given the unpopularity of this government could see rid of them.

Question Author

so you are voting Labour hymie?

Conservative here though I have never seen the incumbent whereas in my last constituency, I was a member of a couple of her think tanks...sarah Newton.  Rumoured here to go Labour but I can't see that as the traditional alternative is the Liberal Party but then they are coming across as being distinctively flaky.

I'm hoping that the Reform vote collapses esp. with Farage not standing - it's been a protest vote in my book, just like the Green's popularity at council elections.

My constituency is Richmond Park which tends to flip-flop between Conservative and Liberal Democrats, currently it's Lib-Dem, very unlikely to change.

surreyman - Snap.

Safe labour, (crap mp)

Will stay labour....

Will vote Tory even though it's a wasted vote.  

You can use this link to find out who you should vote for to get rid of the Tories.


I would happily vote for the Monster Raving Loony Party to get rid of the Tories, but I’m not mad enough to vote for Reform UK.

I dont have a Party at the moment, I cannot vote for the TINO's they have to go.

Mine is a safe Tory seat (And I hate the pompous Elwood) so like Paul I will likely vote Reform.

And no, not a wasted vote it will be intended as a protest vote to wake up the Conservstive Party to kick out the liberal TINO's and go back to proper Conservative values.

Labour... i think it very likely to change hands 

strongly dislike my MP. i will likely vote green. 

sorry typo 


i DON'T think it very likely my seat will change!!

As Tory as Tory could be

Our boundary is changing at the next election from a slim tory majority to a likely larger tory majority.  Our current MP is standing down and a neighbouring MP will become our new one.  He's got a good reputation and works hard for the area and yes he'll have my vote.


Possibly, it's been Labour in the past.

With any luck it'll be neither the next time.

Wasting your vote is voting for the present main parties. If you want change, vote change. It'll either be a benefit immediately, or if not will spur change in the other 2 parties next time.

Mine is held by the SDLP after they made a deal with Sinn Fein.

They could have a clear run in South Belfast and they wouldn't split the vote in North Belfast.

Result, two DUP members unseated.


I've voted in every General Election since Adam was a lad. Every one of my votes have been wasted as the candidate I've voted for has never been successful. Even tactical voting never worked for me.

It's about time that everybody's vote actually was taken into account, and that has to be by proportional representation.

I know those of you who have always voted for the winning candidate would be against PR, but for people like me I think here has to be a fairer way of having every vote to mean something.

Do you agree with me newmodarmy, Paul221188, rowanwitch, hymie, Untitled?

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