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She's sorry she's been found out.

I hope they grind her into the dust, then have her face charges in a court of law

One of the most shocking things about this scandal:


BBC analysis estimates Vennells earned £5.1m during her time at the helm of the Post Office, peaking at an annual sum of £718,300 in 2018.

I haven't been following this trial, but could she be facing a custodial sentence?

Question Author

well I hope some of this mob end up in the slammer.

It's not a trial, it's an inquiry

Question Author

no one said it's a trial, that, hopefully, comes later.

khandro did at 11:50

She has admitted that previous statements from her to MPs were not true. She is in serious trouble.

900 prosecutions of postmasters and her explaination is that she did not know. She must have been really bad at her job.

Ugly all the way to the bone this one.

Bang her up, take her pension (From time at PO) and claw back anything else we can.

Also take her assets to go towards compmensation.

And the same goes for all the other complicit including SIR Ed Davy.

IMHO of course.

// And the same goes for all the other complicit including SIR Ed Davy. //

And the 20 Conservative ministers who were postal affairs minister during this scandal.

Surely she has purjured herself, she lied before a parliamentry committee, surely that is basis alone to take criminal proceedings against her?

get her to a nunnery!

Gromit, Labour ministers were also involved. There were examples of malfunctions going back to 2001. One sub-postmaster had a visit from 2 PO officials back then and they were auditing his accounts when the computer started making transactions without anyone touching it. They knew as far back as that.

Yep, There were 26 ministers from Labour and the Conservatives responsible for the post office during the scandal. Yet only Ed Davy is ever blamed.

Question Author

politicians from all parties let this go by them with assurances from their advisors that that there was nothing out of order. I don't think we can blame any politicians they don't have the time to delve into this kind of details they have to rely on their officials. The sheer lying deciept of the PO/Fujitsu is where we should be hunting. They told each one they were the only one, they prosecuted people knowing that they were innocent, they remained un moved by suicides, innocents in jail. That is a fraud, PTCOJ and probably other offences. I'd love to see Vennells and that other witch in the slammer at the very least.

Gromit 13.35 If thirty Con Ministers were involved. Then Yes it was a CON.

Read it again a few times gulliver

I find it incredible that no one who wasn't aware of what was going on had the wherewithal to ask why hundreds of people of previously good character all at the same time suddenly became thieves.

Question Author

Some did Naomi but the post office told everyone they were the only one. It was only when the victims got organised and had meetings they got more of an idea the whole thing started to come to light. The PO knew what was going on and sought to bury it. They must have known that all the post masters hadn't suddenly become theives yet they so determined were they that Horizon was working they buried anything and everything until they could deny it no more. Disgusting carry on.

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