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Mp's Gaza Refugees

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fender62 | 16:18 Fri 17th May 2024 | News
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egypt won't let them in or other countries in the area, yet we have labour mp's who think we should let them come here, check denmarks record on palestinian crime rates and living on benefits...altruism at the tax payers expense,



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repatriating British nationals? If they were white, you wouldnt turn a hair - I have to say I am amazed that any brits have lasted so long ( in Gaza) - yes I know they arent white

They're not British Nationals.  They're Palestinians.

I recall,a few years ago, a diminutive man who was a Auxillary Prison Officer at HMP Brixton.Little white chap with rosy cheeks who manned the barrier pole at Jebb Avenue.I noticed he wore two rows of medals on his prison tunic. He was of a cheery disposition and when I had time to chat to him I learned he was a Palestinian Desert Rat who fought in the North African campaign with Monty and the Eighth Army. Appearances can be so deceptive.

You won't find any of those among these people, retro.

Question Author

retrocop, different time and probably one off, now they have a disease.. and its called militant islam, from birth to death (martyrdom) preferred ascendancy, trust them erm not with that religious death cult..

Retro - you are talking about a time AB doesnt know about - so doesnt exist - the wonderful British mandate in Palestine 1940-8. ( before we were kicked out by those wonderful freedom lovers who then tried to kick out the ones who were living there at the time)

Mossad were still trying to kill ex members of the Palestine Police in the fifties and sixties 


.They're not British Nationals.  They're Palestinians. ( o god great wisdom in a one-liner from a mod)

Oh God we read the article and we read:

The Home Office said it had no plans to introduce such a scheme, but added teams were "working around the clock" to get British nationals who wish to leave out of Gaza.

and we read.... they are British Nationals

normal satuday on AB then

Genuine refugees/asylum seekers should find help from neighbouring nations where the culture encountered would be more familiar to them, and the journey there, and back afterwards, is shorter. Such accommodation needs are a regional issue not a worldwide one. If resources are an issue there are global organisations and charities capable of providing needs. Further away nations are unsuitable for taking in such citizens, and in this case that includes the UK.

I went to a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon years ago.  They didn't want them then - and they don't want them now.

Ukraine didn't bring the war on itself. It was started by the Russians. The Gaza situation was started by the Hamas incursion into Israel from Gaza. They've brought it on themselves. We shouldn't do anything of the sort, as stated in the OP.

If Lebanon opts not to help their brothers and sisters from across the border that's for the two to sort out betwen them. That's where responsibility lies most. There and with other neighbours.

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Mp's Gaza Refugees

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