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More Royal Mail Disgrace

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tomus42 | 22:58 Tue 16th Apr 2024 | News
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BBC News - Ex-Post Office boss regrets 'missed opportunity' to halt Horizon scandal

He 'didn't read the report'. Yeah OK mate. Pmsl. 



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Nobody is that incompetent...  so he must be dishonest!

oh, I believe him. "What, read a report? Me? The COO??"

It was however not a missed opportunity, it was a total dereliction of duty. Awww, now he's "not happy".

There's a very old saying that the PO would have done well to observe.

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive


The stink from this gets ever worse.

Whole thing is a sheer disgrace.

Jail time and massive fines needed for anyone at the top paid then to those they wronged.  Take their houses and pensions.

Incompetance cannot be used as an excuse.

Where exactly is the "Royal Mail disgrace"?

There isnt but we know what he means.

This is David Miller - his interview was yesterday - and they miss out the questions from the lawyers representing the  fired and ruined SPMs

You are lying in your teeth, arent you Mr Miller

On every day - streamed Tue to Fri

Today it was Seems Misra's investigator

It depends on whether you like ( relish!)

Hapless Post Office Hack who has lied and ruined a few sub post masters: I know nossing ! I nart know her ( seema)

Lawyer with sharpened teeth ; Look at POL XXX please, Para 44

HHPOH: yes I can see

L - "I think we have problems with theft as we dont know where the money ( if any) has gone. False accounting will get up and run" -  so you did know didnt you ?

HHPOH so, yes, no that was another case

L and no cross pollination ever?   HHPOH no never!

L: if we look at POL YYYY|: it says " I have been thinking about these two cases and it is essential that  we say no one has spoken with each other "- - - so you DID know didnt you.....


I find it compelling stuff - sort of Psycho shower scene every day. Lawyer outside shower - Post office hack in shower

Gneet!  gneet ! gneet ! - er that is the sound of the knife



well spotted jno chief operating officer - quite alot of time on whether that is the same as chief exec or chief finance officer

and whether when the titles changed, their duties changed ( their pay cheques certianly did hur  hur hur)

//More Royal Mail Disgrace//

I thought this was going to be about the cost of stamps or cuts in frequency of deliveries.

//Where exactly is the "Royal Mail disgrace"?//

Yes, there's nothing here. It's a bit unfair to blame  them for the Post Office scandal. But we know what Tomus means

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More Royal Mail Disgrace

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