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This Weird Case Continues

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Canary42 | 00:59 Tue 16th Apr 2024 | News
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One jailed, another prosecution to follow.        






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she only had one job to do and...

Not so sure about the next trial.

I suppose if anyone is responsible it's the armourer but I just don't understand how there is live ammo even present and that any of the prop guns can fire live ammo. I watch a lot of US cop shows with bullets being sprayed all over the place and you never hear of a bullet wound on set so what happened here?

Of course we have nor heard the evidence, but it does appear that the armourer brought live ammunition onto the set, and as such, bears the responsibility for the tragedy.

I am not sure Alec Baldwin can be seen as responsible, when he could not reasonably be expected to know that his prop gun was loaded with real bullets.

But that is for the court to decide, based on evidence we do not know at this stage.

I don't know why it's "weird". Mistakes were made someone died, reckoning is being had.

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Yes, after posting I realised weird was the wrong word, unusual would have been better.


If only we had an editing facility [sigh]

she only had one job to do and...   Not so sure about the next trial.

Baldwin has lied in his two witness statements so  I think it will go to trial. Police, lawyers jump on inconsistencies ( this one is an inconsistent, 'I did X' and then secondly 'I didnt do X' which in any case is a bit of a whoopsie) (*)

This was - I pulled the trigger but just a leedol and then I didnt pull the trigger at all....hmmm

weird  - -  allows me to make weird comments

(*)hahahaha I asked a police relative to witness ( my signature on) a will, and he held up the old one and said - "this is inconsistent with your new will " ( and then he wdnt sign). and, as any AB reader can imagine he would NOT be told that wills are frequently different

reckoning is being had.

what? in a criminal trial - that is a good one!

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This Weird Case Continues

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