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Why Didnt The Po Bosses Know Their Jobs?

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barney15c | 18:16 Fri 12th Apr 2024 | News
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So all the top people didn't know their jobs (thought police and CPS were prosecuting PM's when it was the PO), accused PM of  stealing the money, and yet still don't take responsibility, their regret means absolutely nothing. How did the Government let them get away with this? They are arms length but when the PO needs to be bailed out by the taxpayer  suddenly that arms length position seems to change to suit. What were these idiots doing, none of them had a clue (Or did they?) What was going on in the organisation they are in charge of. I dread to think what else is going to come out, it gets worse by the day.



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probly not being paid enough?

This week on video - oral testimony from the nobs - which I agree makes an unedifying spectacle.

a main theme is that they were deffo present on payment cheque day but intermittently thereafter - and every five years or  so, they 'migrated' to other highly paid jobs.

I know nossing is requently heard

but  they wd say  that wdnt  they?

Horizon launched, and very soon afterwards loads of SPMs were suddenly fraudulent that weren't before ... and apparently nobody thought "Hang on a minute, could there be a problem not with the SPMs?" There must have been, there should have been, from the top down - but that's not being asked. It feels like a stitch-up.

It gives the lie to the mantra that you have to pay top money to get competent senior managers doesn't it.

Yes, I've said that from the beginning, how likely that suddenly hundreds of Post Masters become criminals overnight?  Beggars belief.

It's been my long experience that 'top managers' is an abuse of the English language.

Butterflies might be better, ever moving on just before the guy with the net turns up.

Douglas is spot on with that one ...come in and say how bad everything has become implemented, far worse than expected; implement lots of radical changes; tell everyone how much everything is getting better; then move on before getting found out.

I half believe this. If you're helicoptered into the top job, rather than working your way up through the organisation and seeing how things are done (Crozier came via Saatchi and Saatchi and the FA), you might well be ignorant.

If an underling tells you "The guilty people are all being prosecuted", you wouldn't normally ask "Oh, who exactly is prosecuting them?", you'd just assume police/CPS like the rest of the world.

But I want them all to swing anyway, so I choose not to accept the foregoing.

There is an unpleaded theme that the little blighters  always had  their hands in the  till and the Horizon came along and magically Stopped It All

came out this morning - alan cook I think

and like shot on a shovel, it  proved terribly hard to shake


Question Author

I find it incredulous that pretty much every chairman doesnt know how the organisation they are been paid bloody good money for, runs. One or two maybe but every chairman for 20 years were utterly clueless. They certainly should all be swinging , but i sense a cover up is on its way. Too many big names implicated.

was the  ismany report commissioned as a direct cover up when  you know  there were defects in Horizon  and you didnt wish to admit it?

Senior knob - noo noo that was not  the case....

is it true  that one the day the Ismay Report detailed completely security that there was a flood of emails from employees to each  other reidciuling this?

Senior Knob you really  will have to  ask them

The judge who was mediating and achieved  nothing, was almost in tears today to  read the memos that planned to box him into a corner  and  then get rid of him.

aaahhh - judges were taken for fools more than once in this  sorry saga

the old saying pass the buck, or this is to big for me to make waves...neck on the line..

I was the top man in the Post Office and I didn't know we prosecuted our own!!!!

And by the way did you know the Moon is really made of cheese.

The top people at the Post Office were simply not up to their jobs, to deny anything was wrong and failing to investigate legitimate complaints shows arrogance and incompetence to the highest degree. 

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Why Didnt The Po Bosses Know Their Jobs?

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