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Make A Bill, To Send The Old Bill In.

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nicebloke1 | 11:39 Mon 01st Apr 2024 | News
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This government just can't solve any problem can they.

They are still pushing for a bill to criminalise homelessness/ sleeping rough.

Millions being spent on homeing immigrants,but when it comes to our own the old bill could arrest you and bang you up in jail, now the latter could be an up grade for most on the streets, being looked after in jail with a warm cell and hot food, well thats if they can find enough room in the jails. 

Yet just another fag packet idea I guess.What on earth are they thinking, or not thinking.



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Many years ago (about 40) there was Sec 4 Vagrancy Act. 'Not having a permanent abode failed to attend a place of shelter when directed by an officer.' The shelters were known as Rowton Houses in those days. The homeless person would be arrested if he was persistently found dossing. That act was repealed along with the Sus laws. It would appear they want to resurrect it.What goes around comes around. There were only about 3 Rowton Houses in the London area and we weren't swamped with Romany's and other homeless displaced persons. For the most part our homeless were our own.Any European homeless on our streets should be repatriated. They are not contributing to our country.



Criminal law

Rough sleeping is a criminal offence under section 4 of the Vagrancy Act 1824 (as amended), subject to certain conditions. There is also an offence for ‘being in enclosed premises for an unlawful purpose’, which is used, for example, when dealing with people suspected of burglary. 

The number of prosecutions and convictions under section 4 of the 1824 Act has declined in recent years. In 2019, there were 183 prosecutions and 140 convictions, with only 4 convictions being for the specific offence of ‘sleeping out’. 

On this I agree nicebloke. Radio rental, what are they gonna do? Bang them up for the night and give them breakfast?

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And? We have a leveling up minister thats done sweet **** but talk a load of crap and nothing else. Excuse after excuse thats what we've seen. Talk Talk Talk, Action? a big fat nill. So lets lumber the police with the problem. These are folk who have been chucked out on the streets because landlords have decide to sell up due to the high interest rates, bought on by Truss, and local councils that have no cash to build houses, or can get the pemission to build, the latter was something Gove was going to put right. He also claimed that he would get planning to turn empty shops and offices into affordable homes. Just another load of poppycock dished out. No one is saying its an overnight project, but nill action, only action happening here is pushing this bill through. Leveling up my foot. This is not about the hardened out doory type, and I doubt very much if the police, even if they have the time will be popping their heads into someones tent at 3am and waking them up to move on, other than arrest them and fill the station cells up, theres nothing they can do, so its just another useless bill to be working on. Amen

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^^ retro

Mr NiceBloke @ 13.34. Think it's Gove that needs Levelling... out! . alongside the rest of this🤣 crooked Tory lot. 🤣

I was going to comment and then ^^^^.

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Make A Bill, To Send The Old Bill In.

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