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Kate Has Cancer

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sandyRoe | 19:02 Fri 22nd Mar 2024 | News
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The Princess of Wales is being treated for cancer.

A report on BBC radio news.



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I was afraid of that

Poor woman. Maybe the press etc will leave her alone now. 

Not a royalist but my prayers are with her and her family.

Seems unlikely 2sp

Poor, poor girl.  Now perhaps the spiteful, nasty wagging tongues will put a sock in it!

I wish her & her family all the best.

It would be nice if the world could leave them alone for a while, but I doubt that'll happen.

Unfortunately I doubt that, Naomi

Poor gal - they're down playing it with 'preventative' - I'm concerned more about the Kingy-Thing - his hands were the colour of his mother's in the photos with Jeremy Hunt pre-Budget.

Poor William too and also their kids.


DTC, it's no surprise that people on chemo look poorly and suffer odd side effects.  I really hope they both come through this.  An awful time for any family.

What a lovely gracious lady our future Queen is - I pray the lunatics who can't keep their nastiness quiet will now shut up.

She could have had a hysterectomy and pre cancerous cervical cells were discovered during pathology and pre cautionary chemo being given. She could have had colon polyps and given a bowel resection and again preventative chemo for a Dukes grade 1 adenoma

It could be anything, whatever it is, how awful for them all as a young family 😕

Let's hope the Montecito family express their appropriate support and love, as well as back off the feud.......or will I be way off the mark!

My goodness looking on the bleak side...  if something happens to Charles...and something happens to Kate... poor William would be King without a Queen.  Doesn't bear thinking about.

This has really saddened me. I recently attended a funeral of a lady of her age who lost a similar fight.

I wish her and her family well. And I hope she might be left alone now.

On St Patrick's day my wife and I had the misfortune to be approached by a member of the Royal Household.He was in his cups and the utter bilge he told us 'in confidence' was a disgrace. He had officiated at St James Palace for the rememberance funeral service in the Royal Chapel at St James Palace for Thomas Kingston. Former boyfriend of Pippa Middleton. The gutter trash he was divulging and the abscence of the Duchess of Wales speculation was not worthy of repeating.Why do the Royal Household employ these people who are notorious for their *** spats and disloyalty. As more drink was imbibed the confidence he shared with us was heard by the whole pub from him.

I recall the late Queen Mother listening to a tiff between Backstairs Billy and his boyfriend about who had priority of attendance to Queen Elizabeths summons. She yelled,'For God's sake would somebody shut those two old queens arguing about this old Queen'

For someone,like many others,has had cancer I deplore the Media news outlets discussing the awful news and the tragic events etc etc. Hardly encouraging for those who have just been diagnosed with it. I had a very positive outlook from the outset and told my surgeon that we will beat this together. There will be some losing their hair before getting to the chemo stage when they listen to the doom and gloom on the News.

A feisty lady ,fight it and beat it and I wish you and your family the best.


I don't know what to say. They said right at the start that it wasn't cancer and I think Catherine said in her speech it wasn't cancer at the beginning, so just like King Charles where cancer was found after he had had his procedure.

The same happened with the Duchess of York when more cancer was found. Does make you wonder if a lot of people are walking about with this horrible disease and don't even know. I wish her and the King all the best and hope their treatment works well for them.


I wonder if the staff who tried to access her private medical records have forced her hand at revealing this news. Poor lady.

Let's hope that now all the nasty rumours will go away. 

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