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Kate Has Cancer

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sandyRoe | 19:02 Fri 22nd Mar 2024 | News
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The Princess of Wales is being treated for cancer.

A report on BBC radio news.



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Most women on the weekly MDT were aged 40 to 70.  An alarming number number of women in their  thirties were coming through - and with the high-risk "triple negative" cancer - and women in their mid to late twenties. 

The younger you are the worse the cancer will likely be, as many cancers are hormone-driven.  

I can't complain about the speed my colon cancer was diagnosed and dealt with. Due to my Dukes assessment I had the choiceif I wanted Chemo. I decided belt and braces and elected Chemo. Capecitabine at about £600 a month for a couple of years. That was the longest part of my curative regime and I chose it.Some prat had been given the all clear when I was halfway through my regular tests at Royal Marsden and complained about his parking fee. Grrrrr

I knew Mr Dukes.  Lovely man.  

I decided belt and braces and elected Chemo. Capecitabine at about £600 a month

oh the scopus trial - I declined. Technically ( oo-er Mr Pliceman) you can tell what difference they are looking for , by the number of patients needed in the trial. Scopus needed thousands as the difference between cap and nothing they wished to detect was 5%. I said I wd take my chances

The man next to me in outpatients said  they are now into scopus 2. and was on ... capecitabine. ( Ca oesophagus)


is cancer in women of Kates age so very rare? asks one ABer

Kate is 42 y

40 to 44  number of new cases in a year 2,202      (8%)

or....  4.8 percent of cases (all cancers) are diagnosed in between ages 35-44. ( 2023).

so that is 2000 cases in a population of 60m

I was dx'd aged 48 - ca colon and  the surgeon said - "oh you are my case for this year ( case under the age of 50). No I didnt see one last year. Nor the year before that"

Yes a mate of mine,Spud Murphy declined chemo. He had the same cancer as mine. He's kicking up daisies.I have never been a gambing man. I'm here. He isn't.

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Kate Has Cancer

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