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Mark Drakeford Blub Speech

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fender62 | 19:13 Tue 19th Mar 2024 | News
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drakefords emotional speech, awful leader truly, 20mph rule, covid rules, alcohol tax, nhs waiting lists, i cannot for the lif e of me think of one thing he did that was good for wales, i would abolish the senedd, and send all its members to the benefit office, how the welsh keep voting in labour mystifies me.



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He demonstrates the folly of devolution. Total madness, reverse it now!

The valleys vote them in because their fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers voted Labour.  I agree get rid of the Senedd.  An extra layer of expensive bureaucracy.

Good riddance to him. Scrap devolution.

Thing is with salaries & pensions these assembly members will have their snouts in an ever increasing trough until their dying day. 

The man was always doolally tup mind you indeed .

No wonder the Welsh rugby team has been reduced to carving their wooden love-spoonsuntil the next 6 Nations.... No broad-shouldered miners, steel workers or politicians in their system, male or even female......though the latter may rank higher in their durability!

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he also made so you could go into a pub.. have a meal but no alcoholic beverage, worse is erm well it's all bad, alcohol tax, and where has all that dosh going... it just peed of the majority.

He actually looks like what he is.

and you can't even afford to speed home at 20+mph without risking the wrath of the guiadur or heddlu.

Just wait and see what the new guy brings to the table.

More of the same would be my bet, beat the public and economy into submission with ill thought out nonsense and virtue signalling while having a right good time themselves.

No work ethic, no vision and not a thought for the real future just back-slapping and jobs for the loyal boys and girls.

Same up here with our pretendy parliament and it's hangers-on.

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i wonder if labour senedd will win again in 2026..

A shame Mikey is no longer with us. He'd have soon laid into all this 

So would Ernest Bevin but he's not here either.

Devolution was one of the greatest follies of the Blair government. It has promoted division and rancour which is bad enough. But it has also promoted people like Mr Drakeford to positions beyond their wildest dreams and totally beyond their capabilities. He is an academic and, apart from a brief spell as a probation office, has never held a job outside academia. He should have concentrated on his career as  Professor of Social Policy and Applied Social Sciences and spared the hapless Welsh people the effects of his political ineptitude. 

That goes for many others as well New Judge.

"That goes for many others as well New Judge."

Of course it does indeed, david. 

The problem is that with the creation of these multiple layers of so-called "government", opportunities are created for all sorts of totally unsuitable busybodies to take up posts which allow them to interfere with people's lives. Mark Drakeford is the perfect embodiment of that phenomenon and whilst the mania for devolution persists, it will only get worse.

Government follies are a type of rachet system. Each government adds more, nothing is done to remove existing, they just keep adding up, meanwhile the public has to put up with them.

The quango tango as Ted Nugent almost sang.

Question Author

and to think people may well vote labour into power, the problems in wales will be coming to england, no doubt about it, it's a fiasco...

I read a report on the news recently that Keir Starmer is going to model the Labour party on policies similar to the ones put in place by Mark Drayford should they get into power at the next election.

Think David Small has got his Bevan and Bevin mixed up.

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Mark Drakeford Blub Speech

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