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Serial Offender

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douglas9401 | 06:29 Tue 19th Mar 2024 | News
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Ignores everything due to 'mental health'.

Quite the role model.



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Seriously, that's a "glamour model?"


She's no role model.

If you can't handle your own finances then employ someone who can do it for you - I think they are called accountants.

mad or not - you have to pay your taxes

^^^^ is that from experience? 😄


1ozzy, she used to be a lovely looking girl until the botox and implants took over her body.  Now just looks a mess.

Silly girl.

AKA Jordan 1Ozzy:

The lady needs a spell in the clink, might make her understand she is not untouchable. It's almost as if this one knows where all the skeletons are hidden.


Question Author

One might struggle to locate her skeleton.

Who thinks Ms Price is, or ever was,  'role model'?

Amy Winehouse was a role model.

plenty of people have trouble handling their finances. My great grandfather was bankrupted three times. He wasn't a glamour model and his mental health was okay, so nobody felt entitled to sneer.

//Amy Winehouse was a role model.//

For drug addled alcoholic junkies  Andy? 

I always remember an interview with Jack Tarmey, late of CS, who said the best advice he was ever given came from Bernard Manning, who, when Tarmey asked him for some advice, said: "Always pay your taxes on time. Always pay your taxes". No matter what you may have thought about Manning, you can't argue with that.

//Who thinks Ms Price is, or ever was,  'role model'?//


All people in the public eye are role models to someone - in her case to quite a lot of young women.

Role model? More like an airfix model! 

1ozzy - Actually, no, to everyone else in fact.

Take a look at any photo of her in the last years of her life, and caption it with - "This is what alcohol and heroin has done to a beautiful young woman with God-given talent... " and hey presto, the message you want to give people.

My definition of a role model is a tad different to yours Andy.

A role model shows how to become the person you want to be.

Not how to end your life at a tender young age whilst showing a lot of talent.

Anti role model?


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Serial Offender

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