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Does Putin Believe It?

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ichkeria | 12:14 Mon 18th Mar 2024 | News
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Apologies for starting yet another thread on Russia, but I didn't want to hijack the previous one which is more about "us and them"

In this link it suggests that the "88%" will give Putin great confidence as well as sending a signal however flawed, that he's the man in power. But I wondered if he actually believes it? It occurred to me that we may well do. After all he was apparently led to believe he'd conquer Ukraine in days when in reality his disastrous war still drags on.

If (and it's a big if) that is the case, when he may well be in for another nasty shock. There is every chance that the full-scale war he unleashed in 2022 has precluded any chance of his retirement, which had prevouosly been mooted. As long as he stays in power it is less likely that anyone internally will come for him and blame him for it.



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hey - - hi Itch - scoothi etc

what about Trump unable to raise the lu-lu (bond paid to court) in order to appeal. Companies wont lend money on land (!) - what? Not at the valuation Trump gives it, hur hur hur.

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Putin has fantastic wealth, as do his inner circle: not the oligarchs but the men around the Kremlin. When the grain was being stolen from SE Ukraine a couple of years back, there was a mad scramble to cash in.

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Does Putin Believe It?

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