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Sunak To Fight Back .

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gulliver1 | 11:40 Mon 18th Mar 2024 | News
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Badenoch and Tories are worried now that if Sunak thinks his Party is going to get rid of him he might trigger an earlier GE than what they want...Yes mr Sunak your Party ARE trying to get rid of you the election Right Now ..Please, Pretty Please.



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However prettily you plead, I don't think he's on AB, gulliver.  You'll need to email him.

That'd be just what we need. A fourth PM in just over four years.

They keep getting rid of them because they think they'll be an electoral liability*, no regard as to whether it's right for the country or not.

(*With the exception of Lettuce Liz, who turned out to be insane)

Are you suggesteing what the UK needs is a robotic knighted cardboard cut-out to preside over a hung parliament, preferably a poundshop Blair who can give the country what it needs- indecisiveness, strikes, higher tazes and more wokeness.  

Did you mean 'high teas'?

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Naomi 10.46       "I don't think he is on AB"

Naomi . He probably knows his answers would be removed by an over zealous mod.

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It is now too late to replace Sunak "The Tories must march towards the sound of the guns" and dig their trenches, and while they are at it    🤣 Dig a ditch for Boris🤣.

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Don't think Sunak and his party should rush to a GE at the moment,Todays Poll results show the Cons have fallen even lower in the polls since the Hunts Budget.

Is there a link to this poll because I have no idea how to find it.

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I see Barack Obama popped into Downing St to have a chat with Sunak .  When he left he did not answer reporters questions although he did say I am tempted to tell you all something.

So Obama knows when the General election is before the British Public .

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Very comical that  Obama won his election with the slogan

"Yes we can" But the present UK Con slogan should be

                                   No we Can't.

can Gulliver post a link.

No he can't

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Can Webbo post a sensible answer....🤣🤣 "No he can't"..🤣🤣 lol.

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-- answer removed --


Grow up, stop the personal attacks and stick to the topic or there will be further deletions.

who is raving mod? 

look at 19.05 and advise - as we have seen this ever so often.

sorry, 19.03 to which thread leader can not or will not respond.

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Nice to see that Obama also spent some time talking to Britains future Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer also.Well done Mr Obama.

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Sunak To Fight Back .

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