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Bubonic Plague

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wolf63 | 23:38 Wed 21st Feb 2024 | News
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This is an interesting story.  Maybe there is some truth to Cats killing us off and taking over the planet.

The poor little kitty didn't survive.



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"avoid fleas" is excellent advice, in theory. But you can't just cut them dead when they stop you in the street for a chat.

Nothing for it then; we'll have to kill off all the cats and other pets to keep clear of the disease.


Meanwhile maybe Wuhan can be useful and develop a global virus that kills fleas 100% of the time.


the cat and dog flea is ctenophalides, and doesn't usually 'do' plague

The black rat ( rattus rattus) flea ( xenopsylla cheopsis), does, and MUST have rat blood to complete its we all learn at school, the black rat was displaced by Norwegian rat - and curtains to Plague

the child was unlucky. 

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PP - I read in another version of the same story that the cat was a ratter and had picked on the wrong rat and had been bitten.

The wound then got septic and pus-filled and the plague then got transferred to the human via the pus.

I don't suppose all wild rats would be carrying the same germs.  I know they carry Leptospirosis and this is caught by humans.

Can you imagine the man going to the doctor after becoming ill - I wouldn't think that Bubonic Plague would be the doctor's first diagnosis.  I would doubt that there would be half a dozen confirmed cases per year.

well, if he starts flashing his buboes that might be a hint.

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Jno - are you and Douglas the Coo competing for the one-sentence answers competition 2024?  



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Bubonic Plague

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