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There is a distinct possibility given flights from these countries at risk occur daily.

Will it be like the Black Death? No.

Having read the Link it appears to be a real possibility.
Could be.
If you read the BBC article about this plague, it specifically says it is not bubonic plague.
It's extremely worrying and a huge peak this year.

Breakdown here.
It’s a pneumonic infection, not a bubonic one, so the answer to your question is no.

Bubonic plague killed 50 million people, and this infection has killed just over one thousand. So they are not really comparable.

So you can turn down your hysteria dial several notches.
According to the breakdown above 15% were Bubonic, so it is a mixed outbreak of Plague/s.

Let's hope they can to some extent contain it.

///However, some believe it could be caused by the bubonic plague, which is endemic in the remote highlands of Madagascar.
If left untreated, it can lead to the pneumonic form, which is responsible for two thirds of the cases recorded so far in this year's outbreak///

id be more concerned wit the marburg virus
Question Author

/// So you can turn down your hysteria dial several notches. ///

Why do you find the need to be so sarcastic, what have I said that has caused you to so aggressive?

Hold my hands up however it is not the Bubonic Plague it is in fact stronger than the traditional bubonic form that rocks the nation each year.
Plague is treatable, with certain antibiotics.
A short walk from where I live we have 3 plague pits, when we were at school there was always rumours that if the pits were dug up the bubonic plague would return.
Build it, “houses” and they will come.
webbo - that was the return of the plage of King Tut

Black Death and the Gt Plague was caused by P.pestis and spread by the flea of the black rat - we have the Norwegian Rat now ( wrong flea - doesnt carry plague)

when they dug up Charterhouse Sq ( plague Pit ) they tested the bones and yup it was Plague but it had inactivated

P Pestis is gram positive non sporulating - meaning that Pen V should be suitable- resistance is not a problem

There is a vaccine ( being g+ the vaccine is efficient)

last death 1962 Porton Down -
so yeah turn your hysteria down a notch or too

this deffo doesnt merit hysteria mark 7

the pits near Dundry are the ones by me.

ITS true that bodies from ancient burials were discovered by workmen in 1955 when excavations were started for the foundations of Lewis's store - which opened two years later in Broadmead Bristol.

This was not unexpected as this area had anciently been part of the vast churchyard of St James, the oldest medieval church in the city. Because screens were put up, rumours soon spread around the city that these bodies were those of plague victims — buried outside the churchyard.

Some of them may have died of some sort of plague — rather than the plague, which decimated at least a third of Bristol's population in medieval times — but most would have died of illness or just old age.

The real plague victims were not buried in the city — that would have put other people at risk — but were carried off at night by cart to large specially-dug plague pits near Dundry and the bodies covered with quicklime.

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Could Bubonic Plague Be Returned To Europe?

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