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Palestine Gaza Ceasefire Parliament

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fender62 | 17:07 Wed 21st Feb 2024 | News
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what do these people expect to happen, makes no difference what so ever protesting, the uk has no say what israel does, as if they would listen anyway, maybe america has some sway..some. all this rabble should fly to syria jordan lebanon or an arab state and protest, labour run with the fox and the hounds anyway, appeasing there voter base, and what a rabble they are, all got time to protest...erm and no doubt all on benefits.



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well 2 days after a historic vote in which Keir Starmer and the UK parliament told them to stop, both sides in the Gaza conflict are still throwing things at each other.why haven't they stopped? don't they know who we are?
15:07 Fri 23rd Feb 2024

Labour seems to have tried to nobble it with their Labour speaker. 'Bring back Bercow' was the cry in the house. Good God. They are more bent than I imagined.

It's farcical. 

As you say, none of it will make the slightest difference to what happens in gaza anyway. It's like the crew of the Titanic arguing about exactly how the deckchairs should be rearranged.

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i expect a lot of labour mp's are scared for fear of retribution from islamists and supporters of, in there own constituencies, the snp is basically calling them out, becoming sectarian in politics, and that is dangerous and not democratic, palestine mob protestors want blood proverbially.. that mp had the mob at his house, and the other resigned, another was murdered, can you see where this is going.

I'm watching it now on newsnight and they're saying things like 'we should have voted for a ceasefire' etc, as if a vote in our parliament determines whether a ceasefire is going to happen. It's pathetic. Self important people disappearing up their own Aprils.

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tomus42, cease fire with hamas who are bent on the death of all israeli's what they are not saying is, surrender.. hamas will just re-arm and carry on, it's in there charter to eliminate, thye dont do peace, akin to isis ie total destruction, woke idealists and pro hamas islamists amongst them, one is using the other.

yup let me say it before I get deleted again

2000 dead kids and 17000 orphans ( orphan has lost one parents these have lost the whole family)

"Untitled, the uk sell weapons to lot's of countries, shall we close down the industry because we don't like what x country is doing with x weapons"


"israel are not deliberately targetting civilians, but lets not let that get in the way, cause you dont believe it, what if it really is true though"

they are deliberately targeting civilians

Hamas has in fact proposed a ceasefire... the israelis have said no.

//Hamas has in fact proposed a ceasefire... the Israelis have said no. //

Quite right too - total annihilation of Hamas in Gaza is required.


so they don't actually want hamas to surrender? 🤔

Is there any suggestion that Hamas want to surrender or are they just trying to call the tune again?

Hamas won't surrender. They want to get back their fighters from Israeli jails to regroup.

Their proposal does not include the release of all Oct 7 hostages - innocent civilians. 

israel doesn't accept surrender naomi

the proposal would release the hostages withoit further bloodshed which israel says they want. 

yes it does davebro. they want to exchange them for palestinians held in israel

I didn't realise it until I read it this morning but they're still holding a young baby and a four year old hostage.  What kind of people do that?

Untitled, have they offered to surrender?  I think not, so your talk of surrender is a smokescreen.

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Untitled, your thinking in western terms of fair play in war, islamists do not think like that, hamas have the same mindset of the manchester bomber and all the other islamist bombers, let alone what thye have done with ak47's in europe and india, isis in syrai iraq, it's not just about palestinians, never was, if they could isreal would be gone, then they would go after christians and other non muslims, you included.

well 2 days after a historic vote in which Keir Starmer and the UK parliament told them to stop, both sides in the Gaza conflict are still throwing things at each other.

why haven't they stopped? don't they know who we are?

Israel do not necessarily need arms from the UK. They are quite adept at producing their own armaments from their own armaments which are superior to most other countries. 

Look up the Desert Eagle handgun,the world famous UZI and their vastly superior battle tank just to name three.

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Palestine Gaza Ceasefire Parliament

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