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Palestine Gaza Ceasefire Parliament

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fender62 | 17:07 Wed 21st Feb 2024 | News
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what do these people expect to happen, makes no difference what so ever protesting, the uk has no say what israel does, as if they would listen anyway, maybe america has some sway..some. all this rabble should fly to syria jordan lebanon or an arab state and protest, labour run with the fox and the hounds anyway, appeasing there voter base, and what a rabble they are, all got time to protest...erm and no doubt all on benefits.



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well 2 days after a historic vote in which Keir Starmer and the UK parliament told them to stop, both sides in the Gaza conflict are still throwing things at each other.why haven't they stopped? don't they know who we are?
15:07 Fri 23rd Feb 2024

I think it was my MP Stephen Flynn who proposed this vote,i wish he would care for us Aberdonians more than he does for the Palestinian terrorists.

It's a complete waste of parliamentary time. They could be spending the time debating UK stuff.

The next time he comes near Bieldside,i will give him"from the river to the sea"and tip him into the Dee.

YNNAFYMMI, what has he been saying about Palestinian terrorists?

we could always nuke them - ooops shouldn't say that what with the last two Trident tests failing.

even if all MPs from all parties vote for a ceasefire, it isn't going to happen. that's a whole day of parliamentary time that they'll never get back.

absolutely - the FO/Usa et al. inc the likes of the saudis/kuwait/ jordan/egypt and the other GCC countries ought to be spending their time pressurising Hamas to release any remaining living hostages/and any bodies of ex-hostages. 

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ynnafymmi, correct it was him, guess he's more concerned with his voter base, certainly not the majority of scots, still waste of time, is it his altruism? maybe he has a lot of muslims where he lives..who knows.

@16.25.Best you ask him yersel TCL.He seems to prefer them rather than us Aberdonians.

You brought it up so what has he been saying for you to mention it?

@16.39.Not in South Aberdeen,fender.Most of the Muslims here are wealthy,self-made entrepreneurs,hardly SNP voters.

As i said,ask him yersel.

the UK government sends huge amounts of support to israel... make no mistake that weapons sold by this country have been used on palestinian children and other non-combatants. it involves us. 

good on stephen flynn. 

YNNAFYMMI, "He seems to prefer them rather than us Aberdonians."

Why do you think that?

All started by the Hamas terrorists on 7th October Untitled.

Hamas are not going to release the hostages - why would they?  As soon as they did then the IDF would just go in and wipe them out with whoever else is in their way.  The whole point of hostages is that they are bargaining tools so if they are set free they have got nothing to prevent Israel wiping them out.  

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Untitled, the uk sell weapons to lot's of countries, shall we close down the industry because we don't like what x country is doing with x weapons, you could turn that argument and say who supplies hamas hizballah  and all the other militant islamist groups, shut the whole weapons trading down around the world, all countries all sub contract companies, i hear just give peace a chance lalala, israel are not deliberately targetting civilians, but lets not let that get in the way, cause you dont believe it, what if it really is true though.

@16.55.Intuition,TCL,intuition.Plus personal experience.Cant remember the last time i saw him.He comes round here about every five years.Another absentee MP.

well that went well. the MPs of 2 parties spat their dummies out and walked off after the speaker broke protocol and allowed an opposition amendment to an opposition motion. the vote now appears to be about commons procedure rather than its original purpose.

So they are having a spazzie about.... what ?

they can't enforce any motion on this subject

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Palestine Gaza Ceasefire Parliament

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