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Were You Or Your Kids Scared By A Syrup Logo?

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Khandro | 13:40 Tue 20th Feb 2024 | News
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Atheist, strictly yes, but folk have used syrup - very oozy out of the milk baps and riddling the Cornish clotted cream....

DTC I find syrup pale and insipid, whereas treacle has a lovely bite. Like comparing a shandy with a guinness.

Anyway, surely it's scones, not milk baps? All sounds a bit woke to me.

Cornish milk bap.....

DTC; are they also known as Cornish splits? Like a scone but with yeast?

My grandmother used to make her own milk baps, a pretty good baker that she was - with treacle and then the clotted cream bought from  a nearby farm and not Rodda's...bring your own tupperware1

However her pasties were awful and, after devouring them, they sat like a brick in the stomach. Just had a nice one from the butcher's in Mylor for lunch - along with a Healey's Rattler to help it down the gullet. 

> Woke brigade forces Lyle’s Golden Syrup to ditch iconic logo

> The sugary treat's makers have changed its iconic labelling because it is offensive to youngsters.

The "Woke brigade" is Lyle - it's their choice. If you don't like it then boycott their prod- oh, you didn't buy them anyway? LOL

We always called it treacle anyway - and although I vaguely remember the lion I don't recall the swarm of bees or the fact the lion was actually dead.  

I'm quarter Cornish but never lived there. I do remember Brenda Wootton giving us pudding which was ice-cream then single cram, double cream, clotted cream and a bit of whipped cream. She did enjoy her food.

lankeela; calling Golden syrup treacle is cultural appropriation!

The king of the jungle is dead, long live the queen bee.

Never noticed the dead lion!

never noticed the logo, only contents of the tin...could not open it fast enough to gawk at label..

Never even noticed it.

Atheist at 12.55 "What does frighten me is the obsessive hunt for 'wokeness' and a wish by right-wingers to stoke ill-feeling between people"

Why do you think those critical of wokeness is the domain of the right? I have little doubt there are just as many on the left who are critical of wokeness...I know quite a few (incidentally, there was no need for the ' ', as wokeness is a thing - I could cite plenty of examples).

To think I made 100s of cakes in the 90s using this product, and not once I did I notice what was on the label!

We were not allowed golden syrup as children - it was kept for mothers baking only - so I don't recall seeing a can until I purchased one myself as an adult.

I can tell you I was terrified!

It's also taken from a biblical quote. I'm surprised the bible bashers aren't up in arms about the change: 

The original design was the idea of the product's founder, Scottish businessman Abraham Lyle, who decided to have a Christian theme on the tins. The Book of Judges details Samson killing a lion with his bare hands before returning to the carcass a few days later to find a swarm of bees had created a hive in its body

there is no information in khandro's link at all about why the logo was changed... and regardless it is only changing for squeeze bottles and not for tins so they can't be that concerned about wokeness

but khandro et al seem to have decided that wokeness is to blame in order to have a whinge and feel clever. i completely agree with atheist... "wokeness" is a phantom generated by armchair warriors who wish to feel like they are doing something important by complaining and posting on internet forums

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Were You Or Your Kids Scared By A Syrup Logo?

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