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Who Is Actually Still Voting For The Conservatives?

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Hymie | 23:54 Mon 19th Feb 2024 | News
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08:46, no and yes. I do want to bring back Boris but I think it's madness to change the leader again before the GE.

You don't think he would generate more confidence in the Conservatives, TTT?

I gave up my Party membership with the first of the TINO's hug a hoodie "Call me Sir Dave".  Saw the way it was going then and sure enough he was followed by Treason and then Boris, short while ok but then went super green and now Mr Sunak the biggest WEF stooge yet.

Where I live it will remain tory so its likely I will go Reform.  They wont get anywhere but if enough votes are cast that way perhaps the Tories will clearout the Metropolitan liberal elite and become Conservatives again ready for the following election.

I'd like to see my previous favoute Kemi lead them to victory. 

I dont Naomi, he turned into a liberal green net zero nut job.


08:53, Possibly but I just don't think it's wise to change the leader with 6 months to a GE. A new leader needs at least 2 years. If we lose then being him back and Labour will be toast next time.

I am always of the opinion you should only move forward.

Johnson had his day now lets get a proper Tory in like Kemi, although I agree not now TTT.  Others like Shapps/Hunt etc need to go too.

//If we lose then being him back and Labour will be toast next time.//


That will be too late because if Labour get in the country will be toast too.

I think Kemi will have to prove that she isn't lying first over the allegations by the ex post office boss, as one of them is.

You'll find the answer to your question at the next general election.  It's actually a shame there isn't any viable alternative.

intriguing that our resident tories are concerned only with tactics and not with strategy... what kind of long term plan do the tories actually have for the UK other than "us in charge"? the answer is that they have none. 

the uk is plagued by shorttermism and that is a result of the two party system... no long term investment, no serious ideas about what the role of this country is, no interest in solving the decay of our economy, no plan to deal with this country's suffocating gerontocracy... when one party is destroyed the other will be free to break apart and then just maybe we can get some actual ideas in our politics. solve et coagula. 

Who will you vote for, untitled?

I think you might that the result of the general election will be a lot closer than the polls are predicting.

I think so too, dave.  Labour scare people so I wouldn't set too much store by current polls. 

i truly hope not dave50... that would be the worst possible outcome 


i need to look at the candidates in my area more closely before i decide... i have recently come to the conclusion that i cannot support my existing Labour MP and so i need to choose between the other candidates. maybe green if i like who they are putting up. 

I think there will be no overall majority & what coalition might form is anyone's guess.

if that happens then more stagnation awaits us

'A week is a long time in politics'  Wilson, wasn't it? Also 'Events, dear boy, events.' MacMillan I think.

I couldn't bring myself to vote Tory again t.b.h.. I've nearly always voted Tory, exception being when I voted UKIP to help force the referendum.  So many reasons not to. 

Sunak was foisted onto the membership for a start. No-one seems to have grasped that you actually have to do something to solve problems and that we are not now tied to the EU - so we can do whatever is required.  

I've twice joined the Tory party and been  let down.  This time I joined on the back of May's Mansion House speech - when she sounded as if she meant to get Brexit done properly. I've  simply let it lapse - I can't be bothered to tell them why.

I'll probably vote for Reform - or The Yorkshire Party, depends what happens between now and the election.  Labour & the others are a no-no.

Definitely Labour. We get all the usual scaremongering from the Tories but it was Tory govts since 1979 that have decimated the industrial base of this country in order for shareholders to profit from it. Tory scum. Other than though, everything's ok, thanks! 😉

10cs is Angel Rayner! PMSL!

//it was Tory govts since 1979 that have decimated the industrial base of this country//


If you want to see the industrial base of this country decimated, vote Labour and watch Angela Rayne give massive powers back to the unions.  Hang onto your hat - and your job!!

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Who Is Actually Still Voting For The Conservatives?

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