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Gb News Poll Shows That A Staggering 92% Want To Rejoin The Eu

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Hymie | 23:11 Sun 18th Feb 2024 | News
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Even my mate Phil doesn’t believe the figures (and tries to explain).




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Ha ! They must have been staggering when they were approached by the poll takers.

"Even my mate Phil doesn’t believe the figures"

And neither do I. 

Bet youre still wetting yourself with glee.

Hiint, it isnt correct.

I haven't listened to your mate Phil, so instead of being having to be bored by his video, perhaps you could tell me 92% of how many people were surveyed. I have spoken to friends and family and none of them have been asked for their views. Remember it is possible to proof anything in your favour with statistics.

92% of the people who took part in the survey. 

Even Gulliver would look at those figures and think something wasn't right.

Now if Phil or Hymie had said a News Poll shows a Staggering 92% Believe that The Tories will lose the General election.

...I would have believed it.

Gulliver. An interesting fact in Andrew Pierce column in today's DM which I have come across.

In Wellingborough the Labour party's winning total of 13,844 votes was only 107 more than in the last general election when they lost by more than 18,000 votes.

In Kingswood the Labour party's 11,716 votes were 5.316 FEWER than in 2019.

So perhaps there is not this ground swell of voters looking for Labour as the next Government.

10.46 Gramps .I really do not care who wins the GE as long as the Tories lose it.


"In Kingswood the Labour party's 11,716 votes were 5.316 FEWER than in 2019."

That's correct but the Tory vote went down by 19,037 votes.


I'm with gully, I don't care if Pepper pig gets into number 10 providing the cons don't. Even Pepper "pig" wouldn't dish out so many "porkies" :0)

10:46, yes gramps I have been trying to tell them that the Tories just stayed at home. One of those seats is going and the other one will be reclaimed at the GE.

10 46 and 11.22 Gramps and TTT. Who the hell is interested in how many voters stayed at home or how many of Less votes Labour had than last time..The point is Labour WON and The Tories LOST It's goals that count....End of.

Try remembering that when you go on about Brexit then gulliver, remain lost End of but we all know it wont be with you.

TTT @ 11.22..... "yes gramps I have been trying to tell them"..........

But we already know ttt , The Tories lost these two Bye bye elections It  was all over the News the morning after.

Gulliver. I agree with shedman. Remember Brexit.  Leavers WON. Remainers LOST. Its goals that count.  END OF!!

Shedman, Gramps ....Is it the headlines of this OP that is making you pair pannick ,or the realisation that you have just achieved the record of losing the most bye elections since 1945 lol 🤣

Why is it gulliver that you automatically think that anyone who doesn't agree with every word you say is a Tory voter.  I have told you in the past that I vote for the party that I think will be best for my family and always have.  At the next election I am stll trying to work out who that will be as both main parties are terrible and the others look even worse.

Lets just remember it was Brexit that put this lot onto the gravy train lets hope it's Brexit that throws them off , before they have drained every last Bisto granuel.

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Gb News Poll Shows That A Staggering 92% Want To Rejoin The Eu

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