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Throwing His Dummy Out Of The Pram

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Buenchico | 23:52 Fri 16th Feb 2024 | News
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>>>  Donald Trump is reacting to the judge's ruling with a flurry of posts on his Truth Social platform.

"This 'decision' is a Complete and Total SHAM. There were No Victims, No Damages, No Complaints," he writes. "ELECTION INTERFERENCE. WITCH HUNT."

He rails against Justice Engoron as "partisan, deluded, biased" and "Crooked".

He also slams prosecutor Letitia James, the New York attorney general, as "totally Corrupt" and "Racist". <<<

So he's not exactly a happy bunny then? 😊



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Isn't calling someone 'crooked' or 'corrupt', slander?  I would say so.

I can't believe that he has Scottish blood in his veins and arteries.

probably fake blood bought on the internet, wolf

Jno, I know someone who had a relative who lived on the island mamma Trump came from.  It is said that was nasty and not nice.


So he took it well then lol!

I think he has good grounds for being a teeny bit angry, don't you?

No. He's a spoilt manipulating bully

think I might be a tad upset if I stuck with $350 odd million damages!

he shouldn't have committed fraud. no sympathy.

why were his business licenses not suspended? 

It's "toys out of the pram" - or - "spat the dummy out"!

They've been trying and failing for years but they'll get him eventually - by hook or by crook.  Most likely by crook.

Hopefully he doesn't have to suffer these injustices for too long before St Peter calls him home.

The judge is an ex-taxi driver, perhaps Donald didn't once give him a large enought tip.

There's already a Go Fund Me page opened by some of his followers, though another (Laura Loomer - a staunch ally of Trump) has suggested using GiveSendGo, "a christian crowdfunding site notorious for welcoming neo-Nazi campaigns."

According to Loomer, GFM is anti Trump and liberal.

According to some it's not the tip that's the issue.

when  he gets to be pres, he can only fire fed judges ( I think).

altho he is an endless appeal appeal appeal fella - until they run out of money or he becomes president... BUT

to appeal ( they say) he has to pay into court $350m, and then maunder

Shades I hear you all holler, of the old action of Replevin.

Two farmers quarrel over a harvester at harvest time. - The one in possession can pay a sum into court, and  use the instrument, and then post harvest they return to quarrelling

repealed county courts act 1984

I think he has good grounds for being a teeny bit angry, don't you?

nope. He inflates his worth to get a cheaper deal with X - X is then the loser, and does NOT have to complain.

( obvious Fraud - gains an advantage by making false claims)

some of the evidence is objective ( they say) Mara Largo a billion and others say $80m. - looks more like $80m to me.

area of his penthouse three times larger than it is

According to some it's not the tip that's the issue.

some tip !   ( wiv thx to WSC)

Has it crossed the minds of any of Trump's apologists that he might, actually, be crooked? 🙄

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Throwing His Dummy Out Of The Pram

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