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King's Illness Could Bring Us Closer....

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naomi24 | 14:12 Fri 16th Feb 2024 | News
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...Prince Harry tells US television.

Will it?  I have my doubts.




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Closer to what ???




// gulliver1


Closer to what ???//



It's in the link if you can read it. I'll help you.

//When asked if illness can have a reunifying effect on a family, and if that was possible in the royal family's case, Harry said: "Yeah, I'm sure."//

Henry lives out of his head.

A total liability that was clearly 'guided' when part of the RF.

Old friends or family who come rushing around when your having health problems, but have spent a long period of time bashing you over the head at every oportunity are not for me. In fact most times there's an ulterior motive to their sudden interest, but with the likes of Harry I dare say he has to be seen to show an interest even if there isn't any, and the latter goes for most family members because if the worst should happen they would rather be seen to have made an effort.

I am cynical enough to believe that Harry is using his visit as a PR exercise to polish his (non-existent) halo in the American media. 

Too little too late. 

Question Author

^That's exactly what he's doing.  Milking it for all it's worth - and I'm not cynical at all.   ;o)

I don't recall seeing any concern from either Harry or Meghan when Meghans dad was ill, and it could have gone either way. Maybe his bank account is not to healthy.

meh! A plague on all their houses.

Next thread in news.......... Who killed JR ?

Harry says as soon as he heard his father was  ill he jumped on a plane, Ryanair was fully booked ,so was easy jet  But he just made it on a private jet ...Wonder who paid for that one then.

anne- why not just avoid the thread. gulliver- nothing relevant say but another political dig I see.

Question Author

Who do you think paid for the flight, Gulliver?

Is a dig against royalty political? I wouldn't have thought so.

PS - did Harry take a private jet or 1st class on a scheduled flight? Not see any report, but flying 10,000 miles, a 4 car convoy with police and armed security and overnighting in a luxury hotel just to see Charles for 30 mins seems well OTT to me. But hey - that's royalty for ya.

Just heard on LBC that Sussex is considering US citizenship. Do they take lying Brit drug users now?. If he gets through the paper shuffle I hope he isn't excused this time for a urine test.

It is political davebro if he's implying the taxpayer/Con Crony Club foots the bill. If it's just envy that Harry can afford to pay for himself that's another matter. Maybe gulliver will clear up who he thinks paid for it.

14.54. I'm interested in how you know the son spent 30 minutes with the father ?

R. What are you accusing Harry of ?

I didn't say "the father". 30 mins with Charles has been widely reported.

I know you did...... 

how do you know Harry spent 30 minutes with Charles  ?i

I repeat //30 mins with Charles has been widely reported.//

I wasn't there.

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King's Illness Could Bring Us Closer....

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