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The Final Nail For John Lewis?

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youngmafbog | 14:31 Fri 16th Feb 2024 | News
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Hot on the heels of 11K members about to be booted out comes this 'woke' nonsence.

Who on earth thought it a good idea to employ an ex civil servant (Ms White) to run this company? When will they learn.



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maybe they could just concetrate on selling stuff!

Ok admit I had to go and look up what a breast binder is!  What total nonsense - and as for 'trans' children how can a child be expected/allowed to make such decisions?  They are not even allowed to have sex legally until they are sixteen.  

What's the expression?  Go woke, go broke.  Shameful.  They deserve all they get.

It would be a shame for JLP to disappear from our high streets but it has no business centering itself as a company which panders to to a child-damaging cult.

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What I dont understand is why Retailers would want to alienate anyone.  Surely the best path is to remain totally politically neutral and peddle your wares to as many as you can?

I no longer shop at Wickes (and I used to spen thousands as I had a trader account) for the same reason.  The CEO thought he could dictate to me what I thought.  Ludicrous.

John Lewis is giilty of encouraging child abuse ???

Surely not.

Too much woke everywhere now,  they might be the next store closing if they don't see common sense. 

She only has a year to go ...

Dame Sharon White is to step down as chair of the John Lewis Partnership in February 2025 at the end of her five-year term. She has asked the board of the British retail group, which owns the eponymous department store chain and Waitrose supermarkets, to begin the process of hiring her successor. 

White’s tenure as chair will mark the shortest in the John Lewis Partnership’s history, with all of her predecessors having served between 13 and 26 years in post.


Ultimately, Sharon White’s time as chair of the John Lewis Partnership will be characterised as a period of restraint. Her economising was not matched by innovation. And as retail becomes increasingly digital and consumer habits and expectations continue to evolve, in appointing her successor, the group should perhaps prioritise a career retailer, with a track record of creativity.

So... what are the betting odds that the company will survive long enough to reach her retirement date ?


Might be worth an each-way wager.

This stood out to me...

"It focuses on the experiences of a mother, who said that it was not unexpected that her child wanted to transition to be a boy as 'he hadn't worn anything girly since he was eight', The Telegraph reports."

I remember being about 10-11 years old and envying boys clothes ...wishing I could dress like them.

In today's world would my mum have then trotted me off to JL and put me under the care of a sympathetic staff member? Would I have come home with my offending bits carefully covered?

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The Final Nail For John Lewis?

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