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This Is Very Grim…

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JACKSON-REACHER | 18:59 Sat 10th Feb 2024 | News
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A six-year-old girl who went missing in Gaza City last month has been found dead, along with several of her relatives and two paramedics who tried to save her.

Hind Rajab was fleeing the city with her aunt, uncle and three cousins when the car they were travelling in appears to have come face to face with Israeli tanks, and come under fire.

Audio recordings of calls between Hind and emergency call operators suggest that the six-year-old was the only one left alive in the car, hiding from Israeli forces among the bodies of her relatives.

Her pleas for someone to rescue her ended when the phone line was cut amid the sound of more gunfire.

Paramedics from the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) managed on Saturday to reach the area, which had previously been closed off as an active combat zone. 

They found the black Kia car Hind had been travelling in - its windscreen and dashboard smashed to pieces, bullet holes scattered across the side.

One paramedic told journalists that Hind was among the six bodies found inside the car, all of which showed signs of gunfire and shelling. //

Sounds like an atrocity to me ?
But I am sure some will try to justify it ☹️



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There more than 130 Israeli hostages still being held in Gaza after the 7/10 terrorist attack and the 30/11 terrorist attack.

Hamas has repeated it will carry out further attacks to wipe israel off the face of the earth.

Hamas hide in hospitals and schools

Very upsetting.

And yes, the evidence is that the six-year-old girl was the only one alive, and then was killed by gunfire ...

dont poke a tiger, and don't massacre unarmed fun fest concert goers 1,139 deaths, let's not talk about rapes or baby murders, deliberate..with intention...hamas...vomit now or later

Yesterday on the news, a grandmother was fleeing Gaza on foot with a 6 hour old newborn who hadn't even been breastfed by the mum . 

A d I dare say there are grimmer that we will never hear about. War produces one thing only, dead people.

But I am sure some will try to justify it

yup, they have started to line up....

Over 2000 dead kids as a result of the peace process.

We have to look at proximate cause. Had Hamas not committed their inhuman atrocity in October, this little girl would still be alive.


It's awful, and we should thank our lucky stars that we live where we do, but it is impossible to separate these dreadful deaths from the proximate cause of the deaths.


The only alternative is for Israel to accept they will be attacked and to just live with it. I cannot imagine any country would accept this option.

The thousands of dead Palestinians would also still be alive were it not for Hamas.


I know the left struggle with this cast iron fact, but it is a cast iron fact.

a cast iron fact you just made up. The Israelis have been killing Palestinians for years.

The logic is completely screwed.

It goes like this : the IDF can do literally anything - including shooting a six-year-old girl - and its not their fault, it's Hamas's fault.

Ignore war crimes, ignore everything - the IDF can do no wrong. That's the logic.

Life is very cheap in the lands of Islam.Palestinians have also been sending rockets into Israli territory for years, hence the anti- missile curtain and private bomb shelters in Israeli homes.

I suppose the Islamic,rabid killer of those little girls at the Manchester Arena  will be hailed a hero in Palestine. All very tragic but you reap what you sow.

Would the tradegy of this girl being killed have happened had Hamas not committed genocide in October?

That's the same logic.

Look, if you're the good guys, there are rules. If you're scum, there aren't any rules.

Hamas appear to have no rules. Now, what about the IDF? 

Hamas indeed started this part of the ongoing war in Gaza, but Netanyahu has shown himself to be little better than the Hama scumbags. 


Israel have every right to defend themselves, but anyone who thinks that right includes killing scared, unarmed children are as bad as those doing the killing.

I appreciate it's a difficult concept to understand in left land, but the simple fact of the matter is that the dreadful things that are happening now are a consequence of actions.


I don't like it, but it's an inconvenient fact.


I don't like it, but it's an inconvenient fact.

2000 dead kids, "its an inconvenient fact" and DD shrugs his shoulders. wow

I appreciate it's a difficult concept to understand

what you kill Hamas and not the kiddie bystanders - yup I have real difficulty with that one

If the IDF shoots a six-year-old innocent girl, then that's its choice and its choice only. The IDF has choices, and some of those choices are illegal ... and others are immoral.

it simply isn't right to accept this kind of behaviour from countries we are allied with and then react with outrage when our enemies do the same... the killing of civilians including children is either tolerable or it isn't... it is simply contemptible to say that some people get a pass at atrocities and others do not. what a horrible crime.

and israel is also committing apalling crimes in the wesr bank which has nothing to do with hamas

if the murder of children is an acceptable form of "self defence" then what exactly is being defended? 

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This Is Very Grim…

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