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The Post Office Scandal - Part Ii

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Hymie | 23:44 Sat 10th Feb 2024 | News
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The Post Office Scandal Part I Continues


On the above topic, Private Eye’s latest edition includes an article under ‘Nursery Times’ covering Mrs Goggins from Postman Pat (an extract below):-


‘Mrs Goggins has now been exonerated, but is awaiting compensation which has been promised by the twelfth of never.

Meanwhile all the crooked men and women are still living in their crooked houses with their piles of crooked sixpences.


How True.

No-one will ever be prosecuted/penalised/blamed etc for the PO scandal. As I've said before, it's akin to trying to find Nazis in post war Germany; they're all there but nothing will be done about it except lip service. 

I do wonder if & how many SPMs were prosecuted for theft before the IT systems were introduced. If it was none or much fewer then surely that should have flagged up a problem with the PO bosses? You woulda thought.

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The Post Office Scandal - Part Ii

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