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Is China Spying On India?

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wolf63 | 14:54 Fri 02nd Feb 2024 | News
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If course they are spying on India they are spying on everyone!

The problem is though when you've been spied on by China after a couple of hours you feel like they are spying on you again.

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Does that mean that this prisoner could have been a spy?


no it's speckled jim!

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I had to Google that.  I think that India might be getting paranoid - parrotoid?

So... Taiwan is spying on India ! Should have sent it back with a false message.

TTT at 2.01pm - you forgot the 'boom boom ***' 

I typed ***.



The nanny swear filter on a site that children aren't on is ridiculously sensitive.

Pigeon 007, licensed to coo.

Sounds like they need to get Dick Dastardly and the vulture on the job of intercepting these pigeon messengers.

Vulture squadron.

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Is China Spying On India?

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