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The Brexit Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost

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Hymie | 11:39 Sat 27th Jan 2024 | News
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What with import checks soon to add to our woes, Brexit is far from finished inflicting pain on the UK.

And if you are lucky, you might only have a 14 hour wait at Dover.





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......Higher price on the supermarker shelf, and less availability....

Whilst the Con Clown Cameron who caused Brexit, and the other idiot Johnson who saw it through are living in the lap of luxury in the sunlit uplands while you suckers are paying the price of it all.🤣

Question Author

To cheer up the Brexiteers, here’s a Brexit benefit as reported by the Daily Express.




\\Higher price on the supermarker shelf, and less availability//

What less avliability , I've not noticed anything missing, and as you are not a UK resident how would you know?'s all so wonderful in the EUSSR


Well at least we'll have eggs.  

Question Author

Have a listen to this grumpy/miserable old git – it could be me!!!!



All thanks to the English Tories and the Scottish SNPers Hymie.Nationalists both.A big plague on their houses.

Gulliver1 11.38. Wrong again. Cameron didn't cause Brexit but responded to public opinion who wanted a say on how we are governed.  Democratic vote was taken and both leavers and remainers expressed their views and the majority decided that we should leave the dictatorship of the EU. Johnson also listened to what the majority views expressed and went about securing Brexit. It might be said that if Brexit isn't working then the EU must accept much of the blame by putting up obstructions to everything the UK tries to achieve. It is clear that the EU do not want Brexit to be a success and will do everything they can do to make it fail.

As for empty shelves in supermarkets I yet to see this. In fact there are many bargains to be had. My cupboard and fridge is fully stocked and I am able to enjoy a lovely social life. In fact I have just returned from a local restaurant where, along with my wife, where we enjoyed a lovely lunch.

Thank you for your concern about our health and welfare in this country but I am very happy with things as they are and so are all of my friends and family.

Having visited many European countries I would rather live in this country, with all of its faults, then any EU country.

“– it could be me!!!!”

Indeed it could. Rambling on and on about things that might or might not happen and blaming all the world’s ills on Brexit. This cove began by saying how much more difficult it is for people and how much poorer they are “in post-Brexit Britain” (thus implying, as you usually do, that their plight is because we left the EU). For example:

“Rickets and scurvy coming back”…

Yes they are and they are doing so because people are content to feed themselves and their children on ultra-processed rubbish. Many of them don’t even venture out to get it. They have someone to cook it for them and someone else to bike it round on the back of a scooter. It has nothing to do with lack of funds. Eating properly is cheaper than eating conveniently. Eating badly has nothing to do with Brexit.

Energy prices…

Have risen uncontrollably because successive UK governments – both Labour and Tory – have failed to ensure the country’s energy security. They have closed reliable coal fired power stations, have dithered endlessly over the expansion of nuclear facilities, have contracted out the supply of gas to unreliable and unstable foreign states whilst closing the nation's gas storage facilities and spent an absolute fortune on wind and solar facilities which are simply unreliable and intermittent. Nothing to do with Brexit.

"Tax cuts for the rich…"

As far as I know, no tax cuts have been announced. If and when they are, they will obviously benefit the rich to a greater degree because the rich pay more tax (so have more of it to be cut). Simples. And nothing to do with Brexit.

I gave up after about five minutes because that bloke obviously has some severe personality disorders which is addling his thought processes.

Webbo 13.01 "You are not a UK resident so how would you know"          Unlike you webbo ..I have watched the op video and I also watch tv and can  read UK newspapers... ok.

Folk aren't still responding to these nonsense threads, are they ? Yes I'm aware of the irony, but I'm just asking as it seems to encourage them.

//All thanks to the English Tories and the Scottish SNPers Hymie//

Repeating a lie ad nauseam will never make it true.

15.32 Gramps ..Wrong again.  Cameron introduced the Brexit Referendum to save his own skin ..Just like Thatcher did with the Falklands to save her neck...also Boris was a Remainer when the referendum was first announced but when he saw the results he jumped on the band waggon ..for his own personal gain And the rest is history.

...and as for the SNP eejits on this site,gulliver.Dont even think of getting me or you started thinking about them.Brexiteers to the core of their hearts.

gulliver @16:25

\\Webbo 13.01 "You are not a UK resident so how would you know"          Unlike you webbo ..I have watched the op video and I also watch tv and can  read UK newspapers... ok.//

But you've not seen it first hand or checked it yourself.

Do you believe everything you read.?

We are all supposed to pay heed to a clown who names himself after a French revolutionary Lawyer who is posting from an Italian based yootoobe hideout. What's not to like?

@16.32.Do you consider the English Tories not to be the main Brexiteers down in England then?

The lie was the SNP statement you made. But why not mention the Labour redwallers who voted Brexit

Ynna, why do you think all those Labour voters in the north voted Conservative - or more correctly, Boris?  

Up here in Scotland 29% of SNP voters voted for Brexit.Only 27% of Scottish Tory voters voted foir Brexit,only 19% of Scottish Labour voters voted for Brexit.Figures from the Guardian newspaper,by the way.

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The Brexit Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost

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