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Telegraph Article Vanishes

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Khandro | 18:13 Mon 22nd Jan 2024 | News
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First thing this morning there was an excellent leading article on the web page of the Telegraph; 

'Multiculturalism is becoming a Trojan horse for Islamist domination.

The Michaela scandal is another clash between this hostile ideology and British values.'  by Nick Timothy.

 It has now gone without trace - can anyone think why this may have happened ?



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Khandro, I typed his name and Islam into Google and the article came up via Twitter.  I can't post a link from my phone but try that.

it's still there

pity it's got a paywall..

Bad luck Khandro.

i'm sure khandro will copy paste it soon

THECORBYLOON, thanks for link, an interesting read indeed, i agree with with the article and it's only going to get worse under labour, what the uk need is a plain speaking leadership, lay it on the line, i end all this in a heart beat if i could, don't like uk rules then leave as the worlds a big place, go to a country that subscribes to there religous practices, the indigenous population of the uk will be foreigners in there own country in time.

The article is safely in the physical paper.  It is excellent.

I cannot think why it has disappeared from the on-line version, but can guess that pressure was brought to bear from somewhere.  Another reason for not finishing-off physical versions of photos, thoughts, writings etc..

it hasn't disappeared, jourdain, Buenchico has linked to it.

Ah, thank you jno. I was assuming that it had 'gone without trace'.


damn savages

"The best school in the country, measured by the progress made by its pupils..... loathed by many on the Left, who despise its methods and resent its success."

Why do lefties hate things that work?


Why do lefties hate things that work?, they reject authority and embrace islamism (inclusivity makes us stronger) or labour will get more votes from muslms, or dilute british culture till its transparent, again more votes from other ethnics and other fringe elements just stop oil for example, you can bet one day rememberance sunday cenotaph march will be stopped, upsets none natives and other weirdo groups..


Question Author

NO, the article was taken down hours ago. What Chris has given a link to is the article itself which is available if you search the internet as I did this afternoon. 

It was taken from the website and this is how it has been most of the day, go and look.  

It was removed I'm certain by pressure from the wokerati and the Muslim Right.

I think Britain is going down the pan & fast.

The acclaimed writer Hanif Kureishi (The Buddha of Suburbia, My Beautiful Laundrette etc.) has observed, 'The major conflicts over the next 20 years or so are not going to be between capitalism and communism, but between Liberalism and Islam.


I did think that pressure from the potential  buyers of the Tel. may have had something to do with  it.  Doesnot bode well.

KHANDRO, it's on the Telegraph's website still so what do you mean when you say it's been taken down?

Right, we have established it is, how about discussing the article?

ROY, the thread was prompted by the belief the article had been deleted, hence the actual question, "can anyone think why this may have happened ?"

Well, yes. It's because they are black.

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Telegraph Article Vanishes

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