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Starmer Defended Killers ?

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fender62 | 17:59 Tue 09th Jan 2024 | News
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defended as an act of consciousness ? do you agree with him defending them, some pretty nasty individuals...



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He had some lovely clients didn't he!

Everyone must have a defence in the court as well as a prosecution. Someone has to do the job. Plus if it wadps instrumental in getting the death penalty removed then that's a good thing morally.

Lord knows where the "dp" came from.

That's what solicitors do -  accused murderes have a right to be defended. And he wasn't out of line in being against the death penalty- Parliament has been against it since before Sir Keir became a Sir or a lawyer

^^^           ^^^

No it is'nt.

^^^    ^^^


^What isn't?

I can only add to the previous posts.

A proper and fair legal system relies on every defendent, however heinous the crimes they are accused of, (innocent until proven guilty), being given a robust and fair defence which can be analysed and assessed by the court.

That may mean that some guilty people do go free, but it also means that some innocent people are not jailed or executed.

It's far from a perfect system, but it is the only one we have, and the alternative - kangaroo courts and summary executions, make it a system that is worthy of being maintained, until a more suitable system of judgement can be created.

Question Author

i believe in the death penalty, id clear out all the prisons that have them and the rapists and jihadi's, free up room for all the other lowlifes who get light sentences or none.

getting the death penalty removed is a good thing morally says og,i do not agree with him ,i have always believed in the death penalty and always will.

yes, everyone's entitled to the best defence they can get, it's the way Britain's adversarial legal system works and it's been exported to other countries.

Everything that is now wrong in the Uk has its origins during the Bliar years. Starmer is the perfect illustration. Next time round they will finish the job of destroying our heritage and ongoing self respect.

What would you expect.  He's a human rights lawyer.  They've all got wonky brains.

Why spend our tax payers money defending people arriving here illegally on boats from france?some crimes are indefensible in my opinion.thats my twopenn'orth for today. 

//everyone's entitled to the best defence they can get,//

Haha    ...   remember that do. Especially when you think that recently some have been considered guilty without evidence or hearing. 

The Express, the Sun, African criminals, left-wing lawyer.


A right-wing wet dream.

He didn't have a choice because of the way the legal system works.

"The cab rank rule is a bedrock obligation for the independent referral Bar. The rule means that barristers cannot discriminate between clients, and that they must take on any case provided that it is within their competence and they are available and appropriately remunerated."

It was his job.  He did it.  Embarassing now, of course when he tries to present as a man of principle.

What would you expect.  He's a human rights lawyer.  They've all got wonky brains.

and DPP - and THEY have wonky crotches

(But police sources said that Green, who earlier had attended a friend's book-launching party at London's literary Groucho Club, was seen getting out of his car and approaching prostitutes. Police stopped him and took his name.) Green was DPP

I think if you are a defence lawyer - you find  yourself  defending men who 'have done it'

I  asked one - do you ever get the irge to say after you have head a cock and bull story - why dont you just say you have done  it ?

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Starmer Defended Killers ?

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