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Starmer Defended Killers ?

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fender62 | 17:59 Tue 09th Jan 2024 | News
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defended as an act of consciousness ? do you agree with him defending them, some pretty nasty individuals...



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oh yes, I remember Mr Green. I used to drive that way home myself and I remember all the lasses there every night, looking so chilly in their skimpy clothing even in zero degrees. He probably just wanted to give them a cuddle to warm them up. I don't know where the lasses have all gone since they redeveloped the neighbourhood.

His poor wife killed herself, didn't she?

News just in from another right wing tabloid: 'Starmer stamps on puppies'.

Tomus, there are some on here who will believe that.

It's almost like a charm offensive has started, feeding the swim for a forthcoming election ...

Tomus there are some who already KNEW that

Allan Green DPP and Kings cross

we will never know, as history has been smoothly re-written. DPP when the justice system was even worse than now.

There have been cases sent back to appal - IRA bombers ( all) , Dreyfus ( France) and Lindy Chamberlain - where their lordships have said - we think they still did it.

so with P.O. cases ( sozza - cross threading) - if the judges are told what the outcome is ( acquit damn you), they will complain that their function is being usurped.

There used to be ( oops rambling) a way of finding guilt - attainder and impeachment - attainder went out in oo 1795 as.... no defence was heard so it was unfair

And the left on here just throw stupid accusations - as usual.


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Starmer Defended Killers ?

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