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The South Gets Even Softer

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douglas9401 | 18:41 Mon 08th Jan 2024 | News
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I did think it was a wind-up but apparently half an inch of snow is about to cloak the land for a few hours.



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Doug, we were hit by snow this afternoon. Mercifully, the kids in the schoolyard behind our house were able to continue their playful frolics so I was not deprived of my afternoon amusement. Eee; it's hard down south. I'm thinking of giving up poetry and applying to be a miner, but am worrit' about what Pater might say.

I'm not sure people are any less hardy - it's just the media making a big deal about it.  I saw a girl in shorts today and a guy in a T shirt.

True about the media...they love making us feel fearful.

Also, the South just isn't prepared. So if we got more we'd really have something to worry about.

I think we are more worried about ice at the moment. 

My postman always wears shorts. Youngsters today seem to be either waddling around in huge duvet coats or flaunting their skimpy summer clothes no matter what the weather

North or South, these weather warnings and over exaggerated reports of doom really get on my nerves.

the snowflakes here ran into double figures. There are more than that on AB.

Tilly - I agree.  So it's going to snow, be windy, rain like hell.  So what?

We are not soft. Just not numb from the head to toe.

the wrong kind of snow really can bring Britain to a halt, so I can't blame the media for passing on warnings.

Winter Weather arriving in Winter.


Shock, Horror ! ! ! ! !

⛷   ⛷   ⛷   ⛷   ⛷   ⛷   ⛷   ⛷   ⛷   ⛷   ⛷   ⛷   ⛷   ⛷   ⛷   

Whereas, in Scotland all drivers can handle cold weather to an amazing degree:

Well done that bus driver.

What's the samatter-in' this country of ours?

My sister laughs at us in Canada. 


Patsy, that's because it's usual to have lots of snow in parts of Canada and they have the infrastructure to cope with it. Whereas we, as a country, nearly always come to a grinding halt whenever the white stuff falls. Cars are abandoned, trains stop running, schools are shut because pupils either cannot get there or are at risk of hypothermia due to poorly maintained heating systems, etc, etc, etc.

Course, the kids don't mind a few (more) days off school; they grab their sleds and head for the nearest snowy incline. Every cloud, and all that😊

Ken, Very true.

You'd think we'd have put measures in place by now..😆

Funny you should ask that, Patsy.  Our Canadian friends who live in the north of the country, where temperatures in winter regularlarly fall to 30 or more below freezing - they go shopping on Ski-doos - came to stay with us in November when the temperaure here was about 5 degrees.   She was frozen - absolutely frozen.  I had to make hot water bottles for her to take to bed.  She thought it was because it's so damp here - and I think she's right.  That lovely dry cold isn't as cold - or at least it doesn't feel as cold as 'our' cold.

My sister is the same when she visits, Naomi. 

It's definitely the damp air here. Its a different kind of cold out there, dryer.

Funny thing, her friend had never heard of chilblains. Apparently, it's only this country, and a few similar to our damp climate, that people experience this.

My sister lives in Edmonton, Alberta, and up till now, the weather has been very mild, no snow, which is strange for that part of the world at this time of tge year. She said last couple of days, the temperature has dropped dramatically, and it has been snowing. She's hoping it won't be too dramatic, as she's off to Mexico Thursaday. 😄

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The South Gets Even Softer

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