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It's unclear from that report whether the direct action would be against their gun boats whilst involved in attacking merchant ships or possibly against their land bases. But yes the UK should play its part in protecting shipping. 


At the first sign of aggression they should be eliminated, no warning shots or messages to disengage, just death for the mentalist boggle-eyed fanatics.

Definitely. The UK should protect its shipping interest but I don't know how many ships now fly under the Red ensign if any. Piracy on the high seas is a crime and so is terrorism. The Houthis should be stopped by all means.Perhaps we should consider Q ships.

We need to respond in proportion to their acts of violence, although, no doubt, the US will set the standard.


If they don't stop, and if they are sufficiently isolated from civilian areas, then taking out camps seems reasonable as often it is all military groups/terrorists understand.


And maybe we ought to be thinking of what is appropriate action towards their supporters too.

If they  are attacking British ships then their bases are a legitamite target.

We must.

In principle,yes, but the Saudis tried it & got into serious difficulties & had to withdraw for fear of starting a full scale head-on war with Iran.

We could be opening Pandora's box & must tread carefully.

I think whatever we do this war is going to escalate.  We have to be prepared for that.

Another non-trivial aspect is the expense;  the armed drones the houthis are using cost only a few thousand bucks each, whereas the naval missiles & rockets to shoot them down can run up to $2.1 million a shot !

Israel is warning Hezbollah and Lebanon now.



retro & johnk - it doesn't matter if the ships a UK registered or not (most of them won't be). UK's overseas trade depends on ships of all flags.

^I agree.  The Red Sea cannot be allowed to become a No Go Zone for the world's shipping.

The obvious answer is to attack the launch sites of the drones, but then what ?   Be prepared. 


I totally agree. My oldest son is a container lorry driver working out of Southampton docks. Ships under all flags are being delayed along with the commodities we want.

In a letter to The Spectator ( 3rd Feb.) a Capt. R.M. Bishop of Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire opines;

'The quickest and most cost-effective way [to deal with the Houthis] would be to declare the Red Sea a war zone to commercial shipping, and allow the insurance rates to rise accordingly so that ships divert around the Cape of Good Hope.

The subsequent collapse of Suez Canal transit fees would ensure the Egyptians sorted out the Houthis in a very short time and at no cost to the UK.'


Out of curiosity I've just checked on what these transit fees are, and depending on the size of the ship, they are astonishingly between $400,000 and $700,000 per ship. 

Before you ask: in 2022,   23,583 ships passed through, an average of 63 per day. The mind boggles !

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