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March Your Granny Down The Exterminators And Nick Her House?

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ToraToraTora | 22:48 Fri 22nd Dec 2023 | News
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Ok by Rodders!

What will Labour not promise to get through the door of no 10?



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He might not be pleased to hear it but i have a great deal of sympathy with ttt... it's all very well to talk about "checks" and stringent rules but the sad fact is that people at the end of their life are very often at the mercy of their family... great for those of us who are lucky enough to have nice families but unfortunately family members are among the most common...
12:13 Sat 23rd Dec 2023

my my, you must be a bit worried about your offspring!.

Diana Rigg wanted to be switched off; her daughter couldn't do it. Esther Rantzen wants people to be able to do it. In their position, I'd like someone to be able to do it for me. Good luck to Esther.

Question Author

plenty of nasties out there jno.

Although flippantly phrased, the  post poses the problem very succinctly.  I'm unsure about the political ramifications.  I could not bring myself to vote Labour anyway  (or Conservative these days) but it may bring voters.

The moral problem warrants much deeper discussion. 

Sir Keir would promise anything, I agree, but he may genuinely believe in 'voluntary euthanasia' .  It's the sort of headline- grabber where people see a few hard cases and go  'Awww' and vote for it.

I've just seen my Brother-in-law die horribly and painfully from mesothelioma -- but the pain etc. was due to lousy, truly awful NHS 'care'.  I would have welcomed an easier way out for him - but......... others could be coerced.

An easy headlinegrabber for Sir K. i.m.o..

 I could not bring myself to vote Labour anyway  (or Conservative these days) - odd

 I could not bring myself to vote  for anyone who had been to Eton.

( seems to be something wrong with the product now-a-days)

He should put it on the side of a bus.


In all honesty, if I was suffering from an incurable illness and had nothing but a long, lingering death to look forward to, I'd be booking tickets to Switzerland. Your response shows that you're more interested in who delivers the message than the message itself.

Only a Terrible Tory Troll would try to make political capital out of such a personally sensitive moral issue.

I'm all for it!  I'm not terminally ill but I'm in constant pain which is making life unbearable and have an incurable condition that could become life threatening.   My mobility is getting worse.  If I was a cat I could  be taken off to the vet.  But no, I have to put up with it.  I have signed the petition to change the law.  

I don't fear death at all.  I am really very anxious about going into a care situation and a lingering death.

It's illegal to kill granny for her house...happens so often there's a word for it, mmm.

Step 1 on the road to Eugenics. (another thing Labour were keen on until it became unfashionable 😉)

If TTT is worried about his children sending him to the knackers yard to get their hands on his money he's bought them up badly; I have no fear that my daughter would make the right choice for me should the occasion arise. My only concern is that dementia is usually excluded from such decisions, for understandable reasons, but my main fear is becoming a burden for my family and dementia is a prime candidate for that.

Or maybe he just cares about 𝘰𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘳 people and understands the law of unintended consequences.

Refreshing attitude in this me me me world exhibited by, ahem, other people.

Reading TTT's posts on here it's very clear to me that he cares not one jot about other people. If he's brought his children up with the same attitude it's no wonder he's worried about the  law being changed.

It's one of the few things I've ever agreed with him on.

^Starmer I mean - not TTT.

I don't agree with abortion - which I view as killing another human life at its start, without its choice - and I do agree with euthanasia - which I view as killing your own human life at its end, with your choice. So my thinking is diametrically opposite to the current law.

It's all about choices: yours and other people's. It would be good in future if people could choose their own life at least as freely as they currently choose other people's lives ...

Must be one of the things he's got right. It's amazing folk don't believe that checks wouldn't be made: is the thought that our government and medical profession are incapable of devising such a system ? Other countries seem to manage it, maybe they are better at thinking than we are ?

Ellipsis.  I totally agree.  Abortion is sometimes necessary though for medical reasons.

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08:11, then you haven't really read and understood much of my writings. Clearly your own ideals are being superimposed on what you think I mean. I use the example in my OP to represent the innevitable conclusion if we follow this path not because as some seem to suggest I am worried about what my own children will do. One is already far richer than me anyway.

It's the rich who get greedy - they have lots and just want more.

Question Author

whenever this subject arises I say the same thing. The cases cited are all valid, I support their right to die if they wish. The issue is that across the spectrum of human kind there will always be those that will utilise the law for their own purposes, that is the path we should all fear. Pretty soon the right to die becomes the obligation to die and granny will indeed be getting euthanised because she's in pain from a dodgy hip etc. When any law is framed it is incumbant on us to ask ourselves where it will lead. That is why I'm against it.

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March Your Granny Down The Exterminators And Nick Her House?

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