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Patrick Interviews Bannon

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Khandro | 23:11 Mon 04th Dec 2023 | News
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Elites want to break the sovereignty of nations: Nigel for British PM, Irish mums, EU, China, & much more.                                          OOOh! suit you sir?



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Ellipsis;//I think Nigel could be perfectly positioned to be the next Prime Minister of England.

I mean, how ridiculous is that statement? //

Overstatement maybe, but I'm sure you once thought Brexit was an impossibility. Nigel farage has a long way to go yet, that is, if he wants it.

Bannon also opines that Trump will soon be back in the White House, is that also ridiculous ?

Don't mix up what you want, with what will happen. 

If Patrick Christy was any more obsequious in front of this rogue he'd be horizontal.

Re Farage and the jungle, someone pointed out that he appeared desperate to be doing the challenges or whatever they are called. But failed to work out that it's precisely because he appears so keen that he's not getting selected. maybe not reading the electorate too well there :-)

Question Author

^^ Maybe, though being in awe of a fellow professional it isn't a crime, and it doesn't undermine the veracity of Bannon's observations.

It would be nice to have an actual interview though. One can go too far the other way (little chance of that here): I remember Andrew Neil interviewing the odious Nick Griffin and really going for the jugular: no need - you just stoke the victim mentality. This one reminded me a little of the weird time Julian Assange interviewed the leader of Hezbollah on RT.

Well, I lasted 4 minutes: what a truly awful spectacle. Christy starts proceedings with an unproved allegation about ITV and it launches a whole spiel by bannon on his usual track: nationalist populist hero defamed by "eatablishment" media.

Farage will never be "prime minister of England" (or the actual UK of course) and he is extremely badly placed to be not even the next one. Brexit is no longer the hot political topic it once was, unsurprisingly, so Bannon is reading that wrong. Farage in any case never led the "Brexit movement": the campaign as we all know was led by Cummings who was astute enough to keep divisive figures like Farage well out of it. He knew very well that on certain issues Farage preaches to the converted but alienates everyone else.

> Been watching too much American rubbish.

Yep, 90 seconds of Steve Bannon was 100 seconds too much ...

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Patrick Interviews Bannon

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