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I See Rodders Is Transforming Into A Tory Before Our Very Eyes!

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ToraToraTora | 15:25 Mon 04th Dec 2023 | News
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...he seems to have grasped that in order to beat the Tories you have to become them!



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....he's already upset the reds under the bed by praising TGL! Poor gully must be wondering what to do!

They''ll need to bite the bullet on defence, something the current government has failed to do: will anyone heed John Healey, Labour's defence spokesperson? Defence is the chest always raided by other departments, and that has to stop.

Missy - can you get him to write in English please?

otherwise it is difficult to get people to take him seriously


that's a good one, comic I am

Labour austerity, who would have thought it.  

The problem is what is a Tory these days?

All I see in Government, excepting the likes of the brilliant Braverman and Badenock, are a bunch of green loving Metropolitian liberal elites.


I've never thought Sir Keir looked like a socialist.

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I See Rodders Is Transforming Into A Tory Before Our Very Eyes!

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