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30P Lee Claims He Was Offered A Bribe To Join Reform Uk

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Hymie | 21:26 Sun 26th Nov 2023 | News
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Apparently the deal on offer (according to 30p Lee) was that Reform UK would guarantee his MP’s salary for 5 years if he were to lose his seat at the next General Election.

Of course such a bribe offer is illegal; my mate Phil looks at this issue and whether it is likely Reform UK really did make such criminal advance; or that 30p Lee made the whole thing up.

If it is something 30p Lee completely fabricated, Reform UK might want compensation for him making such a defamatory claim (of criminal activity).




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It's great that nobody is interested in 30p Lee or Reform UK whoever either of them are.

Question Author

There are quite a few ABers who have indicated that they will vote for Reform UK at the next General Election.

Have they? Oh brilliant. That's a few less votes for the Tories then. Pmsl. 

you wait till Suella joins Reform, the whole Tory party will split down the middle. It'll be like the Corn Laws all over again.

Reform UK?...Aye,right on...another political party that will lose their deposits every seat they contest.

@00.09.Aye...and if Jeremy Corbyn was to join this new political grouping there would be quite a few more ABers voting for this party.

"my mate Phil"

what is the relevance ? be in hiding with embarrassment if he was my mate, considering the garbage he puts online, but you think its some sort of badge of honour claiming hes your mate...sums you up really

It's not his mate - it's him!

And yet another good video Hymie.... keep them coming .

.......Give my regards to Phil....🤣

Maybe you could include some clips on your posts gulliver?

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30P Lee Claims He Was Offered A Bribe To Join Reform Uk

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