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I've written three different posts here and deleted them.  I might try again later.

Question Author

All with a different POV or trying to tone them down;-)

I don't see a problem. Is the suggestion that heading up the team should be barred to men ? I think we need to stick to where an issue exists rather than react badly to every confused sex/gender situation.

Same point of view - a bit of an Eric Morecambe  though.  Mostly the same words but not necessarily in the same order.  

If 'they' were the best problem for the job in terms of skills and relevant qualities/competences then I don't see an issue.

is the candidate good at the job?

Naomi deleting her own posts - - well this is AB !

I assume Naomi deleted her drafts before they were submitted

Newmodarmy.  Got it in one. 

My objection is only the terminology, it's a geezer FGS.

I'm not sure what the issue is. I have no idea why the outrage either. Those making the decision  will have appointed the best person for the job. That person will  have strategic responsibility assisted by many well qualified staff. I doubt having had the condition was a requirement on the person specification.

I don't recall any outrage when a woman was appointed as CEO of Prostate Cancer Uk or a sighted person as CEO of the Royal National Institute of the Blind.

It's the Daily Mail - it's designed to wind people up.  Not sure what the problem is really.

I agree with Barmaid and newmod army.  The person with the best qualifications and  experience should be appointed.  And that should be true for any job.

If I read that properly this person was in their 40s before they'd even heard of the condition.  How does that make them qualified, experienced and the best person for the job?


Incidentally, the report mentions a man who was appointed 'Period Dignity Officer'.   I don't think he's qualified either.  

Real women are being sidelined in favour of this 'woke' nonsense and  they shouldn't be.

///Real women are being sidelined in favour of this 'woke' nonsense and  they shouldn't be.///

Yes, that is the aspect of this issue which worries me too.

I am not sure that this link will work but may give an idea of why so many woman are furious about this appointment."; / X (



//Everyone has lost their collective minds,' she added. 'The losers are women who suffered from endometriosis who have to rely on a charity that won’t call them "women" but "people" but who will call a man a women.//


What a charmer.

What's a Terf?

rocky - a Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist; basically anyone who states/believes that Transwomen are men.

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Do you know the answer?

Women's Endometriosis South Coast (Esc) Charity Appoints Trans Woman As Ceo.

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