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Oh Dear,Oh Dear, And Oh Dear Again.

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gulliver1 | 20:55 Wed 27th Sep 2023 | News
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HMRC, Are investigating the Tax affairs of one of the largest donors of Tory Party funds, and who also is a Big supporter of Johnson.  Lord Bamford.. Who over the past years has donated £10 million to the Cons.Bamford and his family are now being investigated by HMRC. JCB'



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I fail to see any lies in the OP, and its the OP thats being debated, not the poster.
10:26 Thu 28th Sep 2023

" Donations Bamford has given to the Cons Totaling more than £10 million has been ongoing for the last three years."

A three year time frame suggests to me they're having trouble in finding any damning evidence. Your hobby seems to be wishful thinking.

Just being investigated then. So why this hue & cry ?

//why this hue & cry ?//


It's the usual sound of scraping the barrel.

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Bamford also funded Liz Truss's Conservative party  leadership campaign.Even though he was under investigation over his tax affairs .They just don't get it do they. They think they are privileged.

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Bamford was knighted by Cameron.

"We are all in this together"......You bet they are.....

HMRC dont spend 3 years investigating someones tax affairs unless they have a very good reason to do so, and are sure of a payment result. Just being connected to the shower thats been in office for the las 13 years is good enough for me, but I'm sure they have more than my reason, a lot lot more. Lets see who comes out on top shall we? But I've never ever known HRMC to weed out a con.

^^That would be, Not  to be able to weed out a con.

HMRC dont spend 3 years investigating someones tax affairs unless they have a very good reason to do so, 

they do

Tax investigations can happen to really nice people like my mum. Takes years and costs a bomb

My own vol dec ( voluntary declaration, ten years later oops) was £417 tax and £3k costs ( no not penalities and fines). I ignored the 'didnt your accountants tell you it was due at the time?'

Me auld mam was the same - unpaid tax £800 and 10k lawyers fees.

Clearly the tax man starts off with - "there is mega mega mega unpaid tax, juicy juicy juicy" and and after an epic struggle has to make do with a well picked carcase

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The fact that HMRC is investigating Bamford ,is an embarrassment for the Tory Party and the HOL.Peers are obliged to inform The authorities of anything that will bring Parliament into disrepute,and Bamford has not done so.



Looking like another nail in the coffin of Sunaks salvage opperation on the way.

Doddy ( Ken Dodd) got off with making the jury guffaw with laughter - but still had the civil back tax ( £2m).

the winner if you can believe it was 

KD This was drawn up by Mr Smith who has unfortunately since died

Crown QC aka Torquimada - is his death relevant?

KD well it is relevant for him !

Jury screamed with laughter and rolled in the aisles wanting their tummies tickled. Result acquittal. Judge huffy and  given to remind the punters it was a trial and not a music hall

What a mega mega carcase this will be to pick at.

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Oh Dear,Oh Dear, And Oh Dear Again.

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