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Who Needs Rishi And Captain Hindsight

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lankeela | 18:58 Wed 05th Jul 2023 | News
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when Oliver Dowden can continually slap down Angela Rayner in PMQs?


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TBF there are microbes on Pluto that can slap down the GOAS, the woman is a 5C renta gob.
Common as muck she is.
Some drink from the fountain of knowledge. She only gargled.
lankeela, have you taken over the mantle from TTT, posting nonsense in relation to PMQT claiming that the Tories are always besting Labour?

Here is analysis of snippets from yesterday’s PMQT, plus a few other announcements made by Tories in the House of Commons.

Never trust a Tory! Never!
Question Author
Hymie I have only posted in News since your mate seems to have gone AWOL and I can tell you now its no point expecting me to view your meaningless drivel videos because they are a waste of everyone's time.
There are a number of Abers who post nonsense on this site claiming how wonderful the Tory government is; whenever I respond including a video (relating to their post) pointing out what a bunch of lying turds the Tories are – the OP invariably responds that they are not going to view the drivel in the video (as it contradicts their warped political views).

Worryingly, this leads me to believe that many are going to vote for these lying turds at the next general election.
I misread your comment and switched off my fan to avoid the flying turds creating an abominable mess.

Come to think of it, maybe not too far off the mark.
Not more crap vids from you Hymie, I doubt anyone bothers watching them
Clearly the truth matters so little, to many posting on this site.
'The truth' has no place in the Getalong Gang.
I agree, hymie.
Question Author
You agree with him posting such offensive comments? Maybe my return to News will be shortlived and it can go back into the wilderness.
No lankeela. I agree that the truth matters so little to many posting on this site. His nonsense videos are just that. Nonsense. Please stick around.
Hymie's a bit lonely these days, his BS buddy seems to have gone awol.
hymie: "Clearly the truth matters so little, to many posting on this site. " - Perlease what do you know about the truth? All you do is post 5C propaganda videos from people who agree with you.
@9:08, perhaps he has gone to Spain or Cyrus for his hols ;-)
Personally I think PMQ's are a total waste of time and energy. For all concerned. Achieves nothing.
gobby rayner, what did she say a while back, pm looking up her skirt.
she sounds like she has a mouth full of marbles, her brains perhaps.

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Who Needs Rishi And Captain Hindsight

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