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Labour And Hanging Baskets

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fender62 | 15:51 Wed 05th Jul 2023 | News
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what is it with labour and liberals with woke ideas, seems petty but relevant to the people who live there, things like this happen all over the uk with labour councils, whats the agenda.


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We're fairly regular visitors to Salisbury and the hanging baskets are stunning; it will be sad if they disappear.
Hanging baskets are very no pleasing to the eye and at least one thing our Lib dem council does well. Those parklets imo are just an excuse to restrict traffic flow by those councils who are Labour and in enthral to Khan. At least a blind person or elderly person won’t trip over a hanging basket.
They are trying to suck all the fun and pleasure out of life.
What about the bees?
You are allowed to hang them. But only if they commit a serious enough crime.
reminds me of that lefty tawt who referred to lamp posts as "light columns"! PMSL!
The hanging baskets are magnificent, but the living towers and parklets look good.
I don’t really get what is unsustainable about a basket? I would have thought, in terms of emissions or maintenance, they would be exactly the same.
Amuses me that the Mail paint this Parish Council and its Councillors as left wing because they have a new and different idea.
A "spokesperson" is due to say that we plan to replace the messy flowers with a colourful display that will be inclusive for all. A tasteful array of striped flags in all the colours of the rainbow is planned for the location.
\\At a meeting yesterday evening, Labour and Liberal Democrat councillors deliberated over keeping the display or replacing them with 'greener' alternatives, choosing the latter.//

Greener alternatives, whats greener than living plants.?
Sounds like a good idea. The Daily Mail does seem to print some ridiculous stories.
Hanging baskets while they look lovely are very labour intensive terms of care and watering, they are also a blooming annoyance when you walk underneath them while they are still dripping. Living pillars are normally set up with solar powered irrigation that 're circulates water that collects at the bottom. They can be just as floriferous, The parklet idea is quite new, but they had at least one in Birmingham in 2020, and they do provide seating which is gradually returning to the city centre in the post dog is era.

The medieval city argument for keeping hanging baskets ... Like the baskets themselves doesn't really hold water... The era in question wasn't famed for its civic floral displays
Dog is!!!! Covid!!!!

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Labour And Hanging Baskets

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